Creativity Check

Creative goals for 2023

At the beginning of each year, I like to make a rough outline of some creative plans. I know that these tentative plans will invariably change, but I like to have a starting point when I look ahead to projects, especially in terms of using yarn or materials already in my stash.

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Creativity check and finished projects, spring 2022

It's been just about a month and a half since my last creative check in.  A lot has happened in that time, most notably the arrival of our newest family member. In a flurry of last minute nesting, I finished a few projects, and in the wake of postpartum life and Nicholas home on parental leave, I've finished (and modified, more on that below) a couple more items. Completion of things will naturally be slower, of course, since our hands are more full these days, but I wanted to document and share what I've been working on.

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Creativity check, nearly spring 2022

As part of the nesting of late pregnancy, I find myself eager to wrap up a few projects, and work on some to get them into a place where they don't require a lot of mental energy. I know my making time will be reduced and will look wildly different in these coming months, but I want to have a few things "on the go," so to speak, so I can knit a few stitches here and there, should the opportunity arise. And, before baby boy's arrival, I wanted to share some recently finished projects, as well as what I'm currently working on.

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Creative goals for 2022 & finished projects

Each year, I like to loosely outline creative goals or desires for the coming year, including bookmarking specific patterns or mentioning materials (yarn or fabric) that I'd like to use. I always keep in mind that my creative plans or whims will likely migrate somewhat, but taking a moment to think through projects at the start of a year (sort of) makes me excited feel refreshed in my making. Also, I find that I'm less impulsive in my purchases when I have a plan to actually use materials from my stash.

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Creativity check, fall 2021

As the seasons shift and days bring cooler air, I'm keeping my hands busy with a few knitting and sewing crafts. And looking back in my archives, I just realized that I haven't written a "creativity check-in" since July. I have been working on projects consistently, so it's high time I share some completed items, works-in-progress, and plans for future creative making.

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Creativity check in and finished knitting & sewing projects, late April 2021

I'm not sure what has gotten into me, but I've been diligent and enthusiastic about making lately. Knitting socks (and a new sweater too) has been so enjoyable for me, and I'm really enjoying the luxury of a better space for sewing. We recently furnished the finished side of our basement (I'll share more photos soon) and it makes for the coziest space. We have both a built in desk that Nicholas made and a round game/puzzle table, so between the two, I have lots of space for projects.

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Creative goals for 2021 & finished projects

As I have done in other years, I like to begin the year with a rough plan for how I will approach creative projects. I make note of supplies or things I have on hand, especially ones that I'm excited to "use up." I review patterns I've bookmarked. I think about utility of items (is there anything I need? Nicholas or Cooper needs?) and also the enjoyment: what sounds like fun to make this year? And for the last several years, these loose goals have gently guided my making, allowing for me to feel more content and excited about what I have on hand.

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Creativity check, fall 2020

My creating as of late has been more low-key, and more "comfort projects," as refer to them. I've written many times how creativity serves many purposes for me, one being that it is a source of comfort to me. There is a rhythm and productivity without expectation that can help (me) with weariness. I've knit my way through moves and months and months of "liminal spaces" in our life. And I knit now, as we mourn the twins.

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