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Creativity check, fall 2021

As the seasons shift and days bring cooler air, I'm keeping my hands busy with a few knitting and sewing crafts. And looking back in my archives, I just realized that I haven't written a "creativity check-in" since July. I have been working on projects consistently, so it's high time I share some completed items, works-in-progress, and plans for future creative making.


Since my last check-in, I finished my Color Craze shawl and Lodge sweater, both larger projects that earned their own respective posts. I also knit a tiny chicken for Cooper, a pair of socks for Nicholas, and a pair of socks for Cooper, knit from stash yarn.

Finished projects

More formally, I also completed a pair of DK-weight marled socks for a dear friend's birthday. I held two strands of fingering weight yarn together, marled, and knit them using the (free) DK weight vanilla socks pattern, my only modification in that I did a 2x2 rib on the top half of the socks, something I like to do when gift knitting, plus I like the appearance.

Works in progress

I'm currently mostly only working on one larger project, a beautifully textured Christmas gift, so I won't share more details here, just a little photo. I typically have multiple projects in the works at a time (two is my "sweet spot," usually) but sometimes I enjoy seeing the faster progress and the rhythm of carrying on with one project.

When the mood strikes, I'm also knitting a tiny bit on the very beginning of another gift knit, for Christmas.

Future projects

I have swatched for a cardigan for Cooper, chosen my needles, purchased the pattern, Oscar, by Julie Partie. He loves to look at the swatch and asks about his soon-to-be sweater. I'm hoping to squeeze this in as a fall knit so he can wear it as much as possible.

On a recent date with Cooper, we picked out some red yarn that I plan to use for a new winter hat for him. He still fits into the hat that he's worn the past two winters (it was very big two years ago, and loose last year), but I would like to have a second one for him to receive for Christmas. I intend to use the same pattern as his current version, a good one, free from the Purl Soho.

I also have plans for one or two other Christmas gifts, as well as possibly some knitting for January family birthdays, we will see. This time of year is always gift-making focused for me, with usually some knitting for myself added in after Christmas. I received some beautiful yarn for my birthday from my family that I would love to knit into a pair of squishy textured socks, and that seems like a very appealing January project.


Sewing-wise, I hemmed some curtains (exciting, I know), and then have acquired supplies and done the math and self-drafting required to make us family Christmas stockings in a beautiful neutral linen/cotton blend fabric. They will be quilted and quite simple, no cuff. I've had a few ideas of how to differentiate between whose stocking is whose, and the current plan is to mark each stocking with a special enamel pin. For now, I have the fabric, batting, thread, etc, and it's pre-washed. The pattern (self-drafted) is traced, so I need to do some cutting and then the sewing should be relatively straightforward. I'll share more once the sewing begins.

I also have plans to sew a little "treasure bag" for Cooper, quilted with little special scraps in blues and neutrals that he picked out, very similar to this little notions pouch. No real timeline for this, other than I want to finish it as a stocking stuffer for him. Should be an afternoon project, once I actually start it.

And that's more than enough projects to keep me busy for the next few months, I think! My making plans invariably change, depending on my mood or the direction of the project taking a turn, but I'll be sure to share whatever I manage to make progress on or finish in the next creativity check-in. The cozy months (as I like to call them) have a way of making all creative things appealing to me, so I plan to ride that out.


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