Color craze shawl, finished

Although it's been finished for a few weeks now, I'm just now making time to write a blog post on this larger knitting project. A few months ago, I craved a colorplay project, namely one that used smaller amounts of several colors. The original sample only calls for four colors, but I'd seen several versions worked up with a main color alongside several min skeins of fingering weight yarn, and I loved the variety with more colors. I chose several colors, mostly in the family of magenta, blush, mauve, etc. along with a few outliers of dark grey and light blue, and a beige.

The pattern was enjoyable with large sections of garter, eyelets, or brioche. And I knew the shape would be quite wearable, as I love to wear (especially lightweight) crescent shaped shawls wrapped like scarves.

My progress slowed toward the end as the rows grew longer and Summer Sock Camp drew me away with fun sock projects. But I can't seem to set down projects indefinitely (thankfully) so I did get around to finishing it, and I'm so glad I did.


For more details, see my ravelry project page

Yarn: several smaller amounts of sock weight yarn from stash. Main color used throughout is a tweed sock weight yarn (mauve, although I can't recall the exact shade) from Sweet Sparrow Yarns

Size: one size

Pattern: Color Craze Shawl by Tamy Gore

Needles: US 3, sized down two needle sizes to account for my loose tension gauge, plus I don't care for an overly drapey fabric

Specifics/modifications: Adding additional contrast colors, smaller needles, added picot edge for bind off for a little visual interest (I've seen other people knit versions with this technique, and I wanted to try it for the first time).

Thank you to my SIL, Katelyn, for taking some photos of the shawl when we went downtown for a coffee date. I'm really pleased with how it turned out and I love having pictures so that it finally, truly, feels finished.


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