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Creative goals for 2023

At the beginning of each year, I like to make a rough outline of some creative plans. I know that these tentative plans will invariably change, but I like to have a starting point when I look ahead to projects, especially in terms of using yarn or materials already in my stash.

I want to be mindful of what I make, and be a good steward of the beautiful yarn and fabric I already own, which in my definition of that, means I should actually use it.  That said, I find it helpful to list out particular patterns that (1) I would like to make, and (2) already have the materials for.

And also, I wanted to mention a few recently finished projects, my current works in progress at the start of this year, and a few patterns I'm interested in that I may not currently own the necessary materials for.

I do have one smaller finished project since my 2022: A knitting year-in-review post, but as it's a gift and I haven't yet gifted it, I'll wait to share that.

Current works in progress

At the moment, I have two projects on the needles. Both are fingering weight and fairly slow-going, but both are well over halfway done.

  • Habitation throw – I cast this on in August, so it's a longer-term project, but it's also a mini blanket, so the longer time frame is understandable. I'm very pleased with it, and I find that I tend to work diligently on it for awhile after I finish a project, before setting it aside as I cast on another project. It's my "background project," and that seems to be working. I'm perhaps 75% finished, and seeing as I'm decreasing every other row, it continues to feel faster and faster.
  • Hibernation house socks – a very similar name to my other work-in-progress, but a very different project. This is my first time using suri alpaca (I can't find the ball band) held with a sock yarn, and it's mostly enjoyable. I love the fabric, but since it's my on-the-go project, I find the strands get easily tangled, and 6" of twisted rib for the cuff is slow, but again, worth it. The first sock is done, and I'm about 1/3 done with the cuff on the second.

Upcoming or potential knitting projects

I would really like to knit a few more sweaters this year. Considering some sweaters quantities I have in stash (three, which is the most I've ever had), as well as the types of sweaters I will actually reach for as garments, here are a few patterns I'm eyeing:

  • Plover – a textured cardigan, I would knit in Purl Soho Good Wool, since I have enough in stash (a birthday gift).
  • Field day cardigan – alternatively, I could knit a dropped shoulder, stockinette stitch cardigan. I love the details. I think Good Wool would work for this, as well.
  • The second sweater quantity of Good Wool might be perfect for a Kerti sweater. The colorwork is beautiful, and since it's only three colors, I could knit it with the three colors I have in stash. I love the idea of a sport-weight colorwork sweater (something lighter-weight)
  • Ollie's classic crew – I want to knit this sweater for Finn with some blue Purl Soho good wool (also a birthday gift)
  • A vest for Cooper, out of some very special DK-weight yarn from a farm in Indiana.
  • DK-weight classic sweater, like Semper Sweater or the Oslo Sweater.
  • I also absolutely love the Kerr Sweater for more colorwork beauty.
  • And I don't have yarn for it, but the Lento Sweater looks so classic

I certainly don't anticipate that I would knit all of these this year – but at this moment, I want to keep these patterns in mind. And as the year progresses, there is room and allowance for spontaneous projects or knitting new pattern releases, of course!

Accessories I would like to knit:

  • Mittens knit in lettlopi (pattern TBD)
  • neutral socks + fun socks, basically lots of socks. I've earmarked several skeins of yarn for socks I would like to knit
  • Another "family cowl," as we've come to call them – like my improv cowl, but this time knit with some beautiful gold Shibui yarn from my friend, Molly.
  • A Sophie Shawl, knit with some worsted yarn I have in stash

Potential sewing patterns

  • Orchards dress – I already have adequate yardage of some Robert Kaufman linen/cotton blend in a blue that I will use for this
  • Finish modifying my Klein dress into a skirt (separate bodice from skirt and add a cased elastic waistband) to make it something I reach for more often
  • Maybe another petal pouch?
  • Perhaps a portable project bag following a tutorial like this ; would be useful whenever I want to knit on a small project while standing
  • Very much dream sewing would include another Blackwoods cardigan, this time in a less-wrinkly, neutral-colored knit fabric. I have some light grey cotton jersey in my stash that would be suitable.

At the very least, I am enjoying looking through some beautiful materials I already own and scheming about some things I'd love to make. And as usual, I feel very excited about my making this time of year.

What projects are you interested in making throughout the upcoming year?


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