Finished Klein dress (midi-length version)

I'm a bit behind in sharing some finished makes from the last few weeks, but I'm gradually catching up, including the Klein dress that I finished at the end of August.

I've now worn this dress twice, and I really like it. I adore the fabric. The style is rather tent-like, which was only sort of what I was envisioning. I wanted to sew a dress that was lightweight and floaty and loose and perfect to wear when it's really hot outside. And that's what this dress is! Ultimately, it was more tent-like than expected, so I made some modifications after I finished it (more on that below). But overall, when all is said and done, it is exactly how I envisioned it: floaty and cool. And I wore it in 85 degree heat, quite comfortably.

On Sunday afternoon, Nicholas and I stopped by his barber for him to get his haircut. And then he took a few photos of me wearing my finished Klein dress, and we had a fun little day date with some window shopping and an early supper.

The details

Pattern: Klein dress

Size: US 2-4, but more on that below

Fabric: cotton double gauze, from Blackbird Fabrics, which I will gladly sew with again!

Modifications & notes: I finished this, tried it on, and was astonished at the amount of positive ease (how massive it was) but assumed that was just "the style." I've seen a few other people on IG who have sewn this dress with similar conclusions. It was so large that I just felt like I was drowning it it. After I wore it once, I took it in approximately 4 inches on each side, for a total of 8 fewer inches in circumference and it is still very roomy. I still like the style, but I think if I make this pattern again, I'll make some significant sizing modifications. I serged all my raw edges.

Next time: Make the bodice and waist band significantly less full.


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