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Creativity check and finished projects, almost summer 2021

The daily high temps are flirting with summer weather where we live, and we've been enjoying it so much. That said, when we're not outside, and especially in the evenings, I have still been working on creative pursuits, namely knitting and sewing.

Sewing-wise, I finished what may be my most-involved non-apparel sewing project: a quilted tote for my mom for mother's day. Last time they visited, she brought along some fabric and mentioned that if I wanted to sew a tote for her at some point, I could use it. After exploring Erica Ardnt's channel on YouTube a bit when I made my drawstring tote, I came across her tutorial for a quilted weekend tote. I'm very visual, especially with learning new sewing techniques, so I love the format of a video tutorial (and bonus, it's free). Over the course of a few naptimes and post-Cooper-bedtime sewing sessions, I finished it. It wasn't a difficult sew, but I would say it was involved, and adding the binding at the last step was very fiddly. Can't fault the pattern design, fiddly is innate with bag-making, I think.

I am really pleased with how it turned out, and my mom enjoyed it too! She said she will likely use it to store/transport her quilting projects. I used her two main fabrics, but then added in a few that were sentimental, one print that we used on for the binding on a quilt we made together, and another print from my first solo quilt project.

And it holds a good deal of weight too, we've tested it. ;)

Since my last creative check-in, knitting-wise, I finished the pair of gold self-striping socks. I wrote a little about them in this post.

I also finished a pair of DK weight socks in the most beautiful colorway, The Mayor by Legacy Fiber Artz in their DK weight base. I included more details and all the specifics on my ravelry project page. I loved knitting these, and they practically flew off my (9 inch circular) needles.

I've made significant progress on the sweater body of my Lodge Sweater. I decided to knit the body a bit longer than specified in the pattern, since I have a long torso, but I'm nearing the split for the sleeves. When I work on it, it's satisfying to see progress from even one sitting, since I haven't knit many worsted weight projects as of late, and they grow so much faster.

I also cast-on a Color Craze Shawl, which has seen the bulk of my knitting time. I'm using all yarns from my stash, with a sort of mulberry-pink tweed yarn as my main color, and scraps striped in. The colorplay makes this project hard to set down, and the long garter sections are meditative to knit.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm very excited for Summer Sock Camp, and I have a few sock projects queued up. It's entirely free to join in the sock knitting/learning, and it began today (runs June 1st-August 31). I cast on a pair of socks for Nicholas today, to join in the fun, using trusty Paton's Kroy socks in the blue striped ragg colorway. I had a solo cast-on session alongside a little afternoon fika with paleo blueberry banana bread and half caf coffee during naptime.

For future sewing projects, I have some ticking striped fabric that I'd like to use for another drawstring tote, this time more understated. I also picked up some grey cotton jersey fabric, and when I'm in the mood for apparel sewing, I think I will sew up a Blackwoods Cardigan (it would be my second one).

Upcoming knitting projects

  • An improvised ribbed cowl knit with the softest white/navy marled yarn from Woolfolk (their Sno line)
  • At least another pair of socks or two, since it is Summer Sock Camp, after all
  • More knitting from stash, but likely a sweater for Cooper, and perhaps a pair of socks for him, as well.

I love hearing about other people's creative undertakings, feel free to share! :)


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