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What brings me to worship: Life lately, mid-May 2021

There's a lot of heaviness in the world right now.

Even within my heart and personal life, I have days rife with longing and grief and fear, where tears come easily.

And I have days where the fogginess lifts, and I see clearly God's goodness, and His gifts all around me. Some days, the sunshine and a hot cup of coffee, a chat with a friend, a goofy toddler, the Word coming alive to me, those things echo much louder than any of the heavier things.

I can't speak for you, reader. I won't assume anything about your life right now. But my aim in writing about life's little things is to add a little lightness, if I can. Little bits of brightness in our life right now, or, things we've loving or doing or reading or eating or enjoying or those things which bring me to worship. Even the tiniest thing that brings a heart to worship isn't so inconsequential, is it?

Here is that list:

listening to Elevation Worship and Maverick City's new album, Old Church Basement

and listening to Chris Renzema, specifically, his album I'll Be the Branches

Making apple crisp with leftover apples, with my little baking buddy.

Noticing the light in our home. This time, in Nicholas' office. The coziest knitting spot, day or night.

I finished knitting a my gold pair of socks. They turned out dense and squishy, and they felt like such a fast knit since this yarn is more sportweight. More details and all the numbers I used for my foot (size 7.5ish) on my Ravelry page.

Eating supper outside, sometimes in the form of a picnic.

A power outage that lasted for a few hours over dinnertime, which made for a impromptu trip to downtown to pickup the best burgers (and another picnic dinner) as well as conversations with some neighbors and a few new introductions.

Lots of play at parks, with friends. And pinecone collecting.

Making this pork in the instant pot, and then eating the leftovers as these flautas (we use siete grain-free tortillas, and serve with avocado).

Post-bath snuggles.

Coffee, bacon, eggs, blueberry banana bread, and flowers at the breakfast table.

Making a fort by throwing a blanket over the ottoman in Cooper's room (content is the best word for that little boy in a fort)

Spindrift sparkling water, especially the grapefruit, lemon, and lime flavors.

Bedtime reading with Nicholas.

Things Cooper finds funny:

  • Asking his daddy to "Mow!!" several times a day.
  • Giving us "side eyes."
  • Pretending to sleep, even with fake snoring(!)

Lots of playing with toy cars, and new sound effects too. He repeats everything we say. It feels so special to have a front row seat to his development. He likes to choose his shoes and outfit. And he has opinions and no fear of the the word "no." ;)

But he is the biggest sweetheart. And an avid rock collector (thank goodness for pockets).

Other favorite things right now: sitting in camp chairs, balls (indoor and outdoor), small appliances (always), "helping" in the kitchen (honestly, he can be more helpful than expected), snuggles before nap and bedtime.

Picking up our weekly BBQ on Thursdays, and how the owners have dubbed our order "The Cooper special." I already knew I was someone who benefitted from routine, but it really is grounding to have dinner plans set one day a week, and it's a fun little ritual to pick up BBQ with Cooper earlier in the day. We reheat it in our cast iron skillet for a quick (and very tasty) supper.

Fluffy clouds on a bright blue backdrop. That sunshine.

Trees leafing out and green everywhere I look.

The smell of people grilling dinner, the sound of a pair of robins, the neighbor, mowing the lawn.

Cooper pointing out the baby bunnies in our yard.

The prettiest bouquet from Nicholas for mother's day (a bittersweet day, this year) and a balloon Cooper picked out for me. Nicholas also gave me a cookbook I'd been eyeing and I have maybe twenty recipes bookmarked to try(!)

Oh, and an early mother's day gift was a Louie sling from Walker Goods. I love it. It's big enough to hold an extra diaper, my wallet, phone, keys, etc. I realize it's a glorified fanny pack, but it's so dang handy, and cute, so I don't care. I also wear it on my back and I will likely wear it around my waist at some point. (Also, please note toddler smudges on my mirror. I leave them up for awhile, because I like seeing little bits of toddler enthusiasm around our home).

We also got a mini pack for Cooper that we call his adventure pack, and he wears on walks or trips out. It's often filled with all sorts of treasures, including: his mini tape measure and screw driver, a small bear, a keychain flashlight, a toy ambulance, etc. He loves it.

Dreaming of visits to the Lake on summer days.

New lights for our nightstands. These are super simple and clean and we're happy with them.

Knitting on the deck, or in my cozy spot in Nicholas' office.

I'm excited to join in for Summer Sock Camp! It's a fun little remote Knit-a-Long, hosted by Kay of The Crazy Sock Lady Podcast. Basically, I may try my hand at a few new sock knitting techniques and knit socks alongside other knitters and share what I make. I bought a special pin for it too. So fun.

I'm also working on a Lodge Sweater by Hailey Smedley of Ozetta Knitwear.

And weekend fika, with a side of DK-weight sock knitting (project notes here). This yarn is stunning.

Savoring my way through the last book in a series. This one makes me laugh and makes me feel. I love Jan Karon's books.

Walks, with hands held, and searches for dandelions.

The assurance that my God is mighty and true and trustworthy and in charge, holy and good and life-abundant is found in Him.

I love these lyrics from Chris Renzema's song, God Be:

Well God, be my vision, be my holy truth Yeah, I'll be the branches if You'll be the root I'd give all my freedom, I'd become a slave To lay on Your shore and be washed by Your waves To lay on Your shore and be washed by Your waves I don't care for riches nor man's empty praise 'Cause You're all I want, for all of my days I'd give all my money, I'd throw it away To stand in Your presence, and feel the light of Your face To stand in Your presence, and feel the light of Your face 'Cause all I want is You, You know 'Cause through the joy of letting go Yeah, I've found my peace, I've found my hope, I've found my home

I've found my peace, I've found my hope, I've found my home. Yes, Lord, I have.


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