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Creativity check and finished projects, spring 2023

Spring is here! And with it, I find myself wanting to start all kinds of new projects, but I've been holding onto some self control and trying to wrap up my current projects, somewhat successfully. Since my last check-in, I've finished a few knitting and sewing projects, made progress on some current projects, and made plans for upcoming projects.

Knitting, finished

I finished knitting on a pair of broken rib socks that I started back in January. These were a "side project," if you will, so once I realized I could focus on them and finish them up rather quickly, that's what happened. I love the texture and the fit and they were enjoyable to knit. I'm not sure how they'll wear, durability-wise, since they're 100% merino, but at the very least, they will be pretty, cozy, house socks. I did inadvertently knit the foot of the second sock at a larger circumference (68 vs 64 stitches on the first sock – I just missed a few decreases and didn't realize until I was at the toe). I decided not to rip back the entire foot, since the fit was still okay, and I was ready to move on to other things. Here is a link to my Ravelry project with more details about the yarn and needles I used.

I also cast on and finished a second Sophie Scarf, a pattern by PetiteKnit. This pattern has been wildly popular in the knitting community, and for good reason. It is such a quick knit, requires minimal yarn, has clean finishes, and is so wearable. I knit mine in a 50/50 alpaca and merino wool blend that is so dreamy. I love the subtle color shifts in the tonal dye, and it is so soft. I find that I don't always reach for my large shawls when I leave the house, in part because I wear Finn a lot and I tend to overheat with too much bulk/weight. I do wear them in the evenings around the house to warm up my shoulders. But a very small scarf like this pattern or my Scarf No. 1s that I knit last year are so easy to tie on, and I think they look cute with most outfits, and are perfect for just a little added warmth on cool days. I already have plans to make another Sophie Scarf, this time in a soft, ballet pink. Here is a link to my ravelry project page with more project details.

Knitting, in-progress

  • I'm nearly finished with the body of my Kerti Sweater, with just part of the ribbing to go. And then I'll tackle the sleeves and neckband, and it will be done! It's a lightweight yarn, so it's possible I may get to wear it a bit before the weather is too warm. I'm enjoying this knit still, but I'm excited to cast on other things, and to have this as a sweater to wear.
  • It's not officially cast on yet, but Cooper helped me wind up some very fun sock yarn my SIL gave me for Christmas. I plan to knit a ribbed pair of socks (they're a little slower than plain vanilla socks, but I like the fit so much better). After a slew of beige-y projects, I'm craving color. And the yarn – LegacyFiberArtz steel toes micro sock set in the colorway The Golden Hourshould satisfy that.

Knitting, general thoughts and plans

Other than a pair of spring-y socks, once I finish my Kerti Sweater, I'd like to cast on something for Cooper. Maybe a red sweater, since he's been asking for one. And as the weather warms up, I like the idea of knitting another lighter weight sweater, like the Plover cardigan, in a sweater's quantity of Purl Soho Good Wool that I have in stash. But we will see!

Sewing, finished

We just celebrated my SIL, Katelyn's birthday recently. For one of her gifts, she requested that I make her a fabric case for her Kindle. I ordered some fabric from Hawthorne Supply Co and purchased the Preston Laptop case PDF pattern from Sotak Handmade. I love her tutorials and since this particular pattern included a formula to cut your pieces to the exact size of your device, I chose it. I really didn't want to spend time making something that didn't fit, due to miscalculation on my end, and Svetlana's patterns and tutorials help the sewist get a professional finish.

And I'm very pleased with how it turned out! The foam interfacing adds cushion and structure to the case. Most importantly, I think Katelyn likes it and it fits (phew).

During the cutting process, I accidentally cut the panels too small, so I set those aside and later, I sewed them up into a second zippered pouch, but added a small boxed bottom to it, and it turned out cute!

Future sewing plans

I still(!) have plans to make an Orchards dress out of a cotton/linen blend, since I would love to wear it when we have warmer temperatures. And I keep seeing the Marlo Sweater by True Bias around (I especially like this one with a narrower button band), and I'm thinking I could use some grey knit fabric I already have for that. I just need to commit to doing a little bit of garment sewing.

As always, it's helpful for me to make some loose creative plans, and always interesting for me to see what I actually end up making and in what timing.

Happy making, friends!


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