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Creativity check, early March 2024

It has been some time since I shared details of my current creative projects. Due to some recent difficult news in our little family, I have been reaching for "comforting knits." For me, this looks like two projects (max) at a time, and a mixture of small, portable, somewhat mindless projects.

Knitting, finished

That said, I have finished five projects since I wrote my creative plans for 2024 post back in January, of which I will share more details of the finished projects first.

Self-striping "New Year's Day" socks

Named for the date of cast on, these were a fun little project that I finished at the end of January. It was my first time knitting a pair of socks concurrently, or in tandem. Prior to casting on, I divided my yarn into to equal balls and cast on both socks on separate 9" circular needles. I knit one cuff, then the other. One leg, and then the other, etc. I did enjoy the process, and will likely try it again sometime. It was convenient to have both socks done at the same time, even if I am someone who typically doesn't struggle with second sock syndrome.

The yarn was bright and cheery, a fun Christmas gift from my SIL, Katelyn. For more details, see my Ravelry project page, and self-striping yarn is so fun.

Storm sweater junior, for Cooper

I detailed this project in a post of its own, with more pictures. But it was a great success. I am pleased with how the sweater turned out, and Cooper loves wearing it, and has said countless times how much he loves that I made it for him, which melts my heart.

Align mitts, X

I knit a tenth pair of align mitts. I love this pattern for how well it fits, but I had never knit myself a pair. I cast these on with a risky amount of stash yarn and managed to finished them with less than a gram of yarn to spare. My ravelry project page is linked here.

Tweedy ribbed DK socks

When I was in the mood to knit socks, I reached for a skein that has been in my stash for at least two years. At some point, I think a toddler Cooper got close to it with a pair of scissors, so there were some cut strands on the outside of the skein. Fortunately, this only affected part of the skein, and I was able to salvage most of the yarn. I held the strands double (to avoid knitting this finer sock weight yarn on US 0s, since I wasn't in the mood for that). I will say, perhaps due to the tweed, this yarn tangled on itself terribly, and I spend a lot of time unraveling my project rather than knitting. And I did run out of yarn for the second toe, but I managed to find some leftovers that are a near-perfect color match, so it's not too noticeable. I used The Crazy Sock Lady's (free) DK Vanilla socks pattern, subbing in 2x2 ribbing for the entire leg, and just the top of the foot from the heel, flap, and gusset onward. Here is a link to my ravelry project page.

Crochet, finished

I am still very much a beginner crocheter, but I did complete a small project in early February. Following this YouTube video tutorial from Amanda Crochets for a Moss Stitch Dishcloth, I crocheted this dishcloth with a 5.0mm hook and Knit Picks Dishie. Having only used craft store cotton yarns previously, I was so surprised by how soft this yarn was and how it didn't hurt my hands. I used just under half a ball of this yarn, so I will be able to complete two with one ball, which is convenient since I will certainly revisit this pattern. Here is a link to my ravelry project page, although from what I can tell, this particular pattern isn't on ravelry.

Crochet is a lesson for me in practice makes a difference, and it's good to be okay with not being great at something at first. Look at one of my first crochet discloths, in blue! Versus my newest finished project. I have learned a lot about maintaining a consistent edge, tension, and stitch count.

Knitting, in progress

And here are my current projects, one or the other of which satisfy whatever the moment requires (small and portable, mindless, etc) :

  • A pair of ribbed DK-weight socks for Nicholas – I have been in a groove of knitting DK-weight socks, apparently. They knit up quickly, and I like that since they use more yarn, I am left with fewer leftovers. The resulting pair of socks is cozy, a bit warmer, and durable. For this pair, I am knitting 2x2 ribbing on the top of the foot, with stockinette stitch on the back. I am enjoying the low-contrast marled look, as well. All the details can be found on my ravelry project page.
  • An Everybody cardigan from Seasonless – I mentioned in my creative goals for 2024 that I wanted to knit this sweater, and on a whim, I cast it on in February. I finished the yoke, and now I'm knitting the body of the sweater. Since it is a cardigan, it is knit flat (and the sleeves actually will be, as well). I envision a decent amount of time spent on the finishing of this cardigan, including the button band, but the sweater will be very wearable, I think. This pattern is extremely customizable, and I plan to knit the plain stockinette stitch with the larger, garter stitch button band/collar (see the bright green sample). Here is a link to my project page.

Knitting, upcoming projects

  • I still want to knit an Ollie's Classic Crew for Finn, in bright blue Purl Soho Good wool. I keep debating whether I should knit this now, or wait until the fall, where I can choose a size that will fit him for a longer season of wear.
  • the Heel Toe Do Si Do socks in a softly speckled yarn. After knitting some thicker socks, I like the idea of another pair of fingering weight socks
  • Perhaps I will knit this chunky cowl before spring is fully upon us. I have some springy-colored bulky yarn in stash that I haven't known what to do with, but this could work.
  • A weekend headband looks like a fun (and quick knit)
  • A brioche cowl, knit in some beautiful yarn a friend got for me on vacation, held with a very simple neutral, kind of like this cowl I made years ago.

I do have some loose plans for more crochet projects, namely some more potholders or dish cloths to try my hand at maintaining tension with new stitch patterns. But eventually, I'll work up the courage to try a larger crochet project.

And I haven't done any sewing, since I haven't been in the mood, honestly. But I know that my creative interests usually shift with seasonal changes, and as spring greets us, what inspires and motivated me creatively will shift along with it.

In the meanwhile, I am doing more and more knitting outside, while the boys collect rocks or play in the mud, and we all try to get some sunshine.

Happy making, friends!


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