2017: A (knitting) year in review

You could that 2017 was a rather knit-productive year for me. I took a headstrong dive into colorwork with the modern colorwork class and cowl, and then later with my glacier park cowl. I knit a lot of socks and slippers, as they became comfort knitting to me, and I realized just how much I actually love wearing them. I knit two sweaters, both cardigans, and at extremely different gauges. And I knit more Christmas gifts this year than ever before. I'm pleased (and a little bit surprised) at the amount of projects I completed, but also that I tried my hand at some new, somewhat scary-to-me skills, like colorwork and more sweater knitting.

So here, in order of completion date, are the projects I finished this year:

And then there were the mostly super-secret Christmas knits, that I haven't talked about on the blog.

Sunday Morning socks for my mother-in-law

Another Sencilla cowl for my sister-in-law

Marlee socks for my mom

Navy Ribbed hat for my dad

Grey ribbed hat for Nicholas

and Christmas socks for me

Whew! I only have one in-progress project at the moment, which I'll talk about more when I post about my creative goals for 2018. But first, I need to think about those plans ;)


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