Finished Glacier Park Cowl (aka the friendship cowl)

A few weeks ago, my friend Molly and I finished our mini Knit-A-Long (KAL) with our Glacier Park Cowls, which was such a fun project! We each chose two colors of Woolfolk Tynd (the softest yarn imaginable) and cast on for this KAL after taking a colorwork class on Craftsy, which I wrote about more in this post about the class project. (That class is worth every penny, by the way).

It was an engaging and rather meditative knit. I knit a lot of it on the plane rides to and from Minnesota, and at coffee shops. And it was so fun to knit it with another knitter. We finally got around to taking some pictures of us wearing our cowls this past weekend, when the weather was appropriate cowl weather, so it feels like I can consider the project truly "done."

The finished piece is so snuggly and soft, and surprisingly warm for how lightweight it is. The blues feel perfectly like "me" too.


For even more details, you can see my ravelry project page

Yarn: Woolfolk Tynd in the colorways 10 and 11

Pattern: Glacier Park Cowl by Caitlin Hunter

Needles: US size 2, 24" circulars, sized down from the pattern recommendations, as is my usual

Specifics/modifications: None. The pattern was perfect.


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