Finished modern colorwork cowl

It's done! This is technically my second colorwork project (the first being a simple hat for Nicholas), and one that certainly stretched my comfort and taught me the correct way to hold multiple strands of yarn.*

*This is a really good thing, because consistently twisted strands of yarns are a recipe for insanity.

I love the finished object. It's double-thick, since any color not in use is "carried" in the back. It's not perfect, as there are a few places where I should have made my floats longer, but I don't expect anything I make to be perfect. I'm learning a lot this year about how I make and how I learn new creative things, and for me, striving for perfection robs me of the joy of the process of making. I strive for good, well-done, and the best I can do, with a lot of learning mixed in, preferably.

The cowl should be really cozy on cold days, as it's tall and is scrunches and folds around my neck. Plus, it's always extra satisfying to me to use up yarn I've had for a long time. I didn't buy any new yarn for this project, in fact, most of the yarn had been in my stash for 7-10 years, at my best guess. I purchased that beautiful blue merino yarn years ago because it was so pretty, but not in a sufficient quantity to make much of anything. But now, the pretty blue yarn gets a chance to shine and that makes me happy.

Here's to a warm neck, new skills, and new life for old(ish) yarn! I'd say this project was a success.

As I've mentioned before, I made this cowl as I took an online stranded colorwork class on Craftsy, but MJ Mucklestone. I couldn't recommend it more if you're a knitter and want to delve into stranded colorwork.

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