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Sunrise, sunset

Hello! I've been meaning to write up a few posts that are floating around in my head, but haven't had a chance to do so yet. In the meanwhile, here's snapshot of how I'm occupying my time:

  • trying to figure out a time to photograph the finished quilt! (sometime when we're not using it, which is rare)
  • knitting slippers for Nicholas with very special yarn from Ireland!
  • using a new white noise machine in our bedroom
  • loudly talking in my sleep (per usual) at Nicholas, about medications or yarn (unraveling something or other), per his report. Can you tell where my head is at, even in my sleep?
  • finding joy in a thunderstorm and dark, stormy afternoons
  • fika, as often as possible
  • "after school" snacks of crackers and cheese
  • Nicholas making us toast and fluffy scrambled eggs after I have a long day at work
  • smoothies for supper
  • cashew milk yogurt
  • trips to the post office and whole foods
  • adding collagen to smoothies and PB oatmeal and sometimes my coffee and noticing stronger nails
  • coloring with the kids when I serve in kids at church and talking about what we treasure and how we can honor God with it rather than honoring ourselves. It's amazing how the kids' lessons are always good for my heart too.
  • drinking golden milk matcha at Picnik, and oh my goodness it's good. For the curious, ingredients were: matcha, butter, mct oil, turmeric, black pepper, clove, cayenne, cinnamon, maple syrup, and whey protein.

And, we listened to a sermon this past weekend about how God is never silent. It doesn't always feel like that if you're in a season of hurt or waiting. The preacher talked about how God makes himself known through creation―making His glory known in every sunrise, every sunset, in the mountains, in thunderstorms. But for other attributes of God, He makes himself known through His Word. We have access to His words to us at any time, even when it feels like He's not speaking.

I've been noticing sunrises and sunsets on work days. I see both during my commute (one for each short drive) and gosh, they are stunning lately. Or maybe they've always been this stunning and I just haven't taken the time to notice? They have been so beautiful lately that I'll just murmur wow to myself, alone in the car, prompting me to whisper aloud prayers as I drive. Each sunrise or sunset seems like an invitation into a conversation with my Creator.

So I'm bearing that in mind―going to His Word to hear real, living, active words from Him, and I'm also noticing the pink in some of my favorite sunsets, like He placed it there just for me, so I could revel in His glory for another minute more.


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