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Tuesday joys & my making

Tuesdays with him are patches of midweek joy. I've written about it before in a post of instagram, so I won't reiterate it here. But I'm so fond of little loving routines. And amidst the routine of a work meeting, we preserve a few extra moments of time together, carved out in the commute to and from said meeting. Also, since I frequently have Tuesdays off, on most of them, I set aside a generous block of time for doing creative things. It's a day of all my favorite things, really.

I garner a lot of enjoyment comes from making things with my hands, whether in the kitchen, at a coffee shop, or on my couch. Here are some (making) things that make me happy lately:

  • I finished my Kveta shawl and I love it far more than I ever thought I would. I knew the yarn was gorgeous, but I never knew how perfectly the yarn and pattern would pair together. You can see more of my thoughts on Ravelry. I'm sneaking in opportunities to wear it whenever I can, since some days the temps are in the eighties
  • I'm gaining momentum on my Arctic Cardigan. I split for the sleeves and now I'm knitting the body. In non-knitter terminology, it's actually beginning to look like a sweater! Contemplating two decisions: how many buttons do I want? Also, do I want body shaping?
  • I'm enjoying the camaraderie of making socks as part of a knit-a-long with a few friends (see #sipsipKAL on IG for more pictures). Basically, we're all making the same pattern, at the same time.
  • I'm tweaking the recipe for Almond Cardamom Poppyseed cake. I think I want to try it one more time and then I'll post it, but we can only eat so much cake in a given week ;)
  • I'm beginning a few blog posts, mostly to finish in the future and to clear headspace in the present. It is satisfying to put words in the written form to help clear my mind. I don't feel like a particularly articulate person in real life, but written words help me feel a little more well-spoken.
  • My discover weekly playlist on spotify is phenomenal this week. It's of the caliber where I want to save all the tracks in the same order to a permanent playlist so I can listen again and again. Music elevates the mundane to some level of fun when I'm cooking or sorting paperwork.
  • I'm taking a break from meal planning. Lately, it's felt forced and uninspired. So I'm going to focus on buying healthier options that look good, are reasonably combinable, and that are on sale, if possible. So far, so good! That take-and-bake pizza is slightly less tempting, but only slightly ;)


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