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Progress toward creative goals, winter 2017

I wrote a post in January about this year's creative goals. They seemed a bit lofty at the time, but I've actually made a good deal of progress. I think now is as good a time as any to check in, assess, and adjust as necessary:


  • Kveta shawl: done. I love it so much (pictured in several photos in this post)
  • Woodstack Mittens: done. My grandma just received them today, so now I can share a few pictures. This was a really fun knit.
  • A cozy cardigan: I'm well into my Arctic Cardigan, with only the pockets, ribbed hem, and sleeves left to knit
  • Mash potato socks: frogged (aka unraveled). It's a beautiful pattern, but I couldn't stand knitting them. They can't all be winners (and that's part of the creative process!)
  • May cardigan: not yet started, but I'm so motivated! Also, just realized recently that piper is laceweight yarn, (whoops) So this may be a labor of love, albeit with an end goal of an extremely wearable garment.
  • Late Night Socks for a (spontaneous) mini KAL: past the heel on sock number two. These have been fun. Self-patterning yarn is a huge motivator, and I've never knit a pair of socks to keep for myself.
  • Little hearts (spontaneous): I knit a few up for valentine's day and I can't wait to make more.

Not yet started: colorwork cowl, morning walk hat, and a worsted-weight colorwork yoked sweater (notice a theme for this year?), but I'm happiest with 2-3 projects on the needles, so those can wait for now.


I had plans for a garment, specifically a dress and a quilt of some sort. I'm beginning the process of searching out possible quilt layouts that will make the best use of fabric I already own. Dress sewing will be on hold for the time being as I build up my confidence at the machine again.

Other crafts

I haven't ventured into embroidery or other crafts in the last few months, because I plan to ride out this full-swing knitting motivation (and knitting-friendly cooler weather). I must say, I think I'm more motivated, directed, inspired, and productive in my knitting as my excitement for the fiber community grows (see next section).

Reading & creative inspiration

There are several blogs and podcasts that I'm enjoying right now, either in the sense of camaraderie with other creatives, inspiration for projects, or in the effort to increase my knowledge of the fiber arts:

P.S.—The black and white photo is me after eating a doughnut and mid sentence (I tend to use my hand a lot when I talk) ;)


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