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Creative goals, 2017

I've seen a few of people's "best nine" selections of things they want to create in 2017 floating around on the web. And so, I thought it would be a good idea for me to loosely organize my "creative plans" for the year. My reasons for this are threefold: (1) ensure that what I make is (mostly) purposeful, to meet a need in my wardrobe or to engage in a new skill I'd like to learn or be useful in our home (2) Give me direction when I just want to make something, but don't have direction, and (3) to bookmark projects I'm currently interested in, so I don't forget about them.


Primarily, I want to make good use of materials I already have, so this will pace out my next few projects pretty clearly (with likely a few small gift projects thrown in there). And generally, I like to have multiple knitting projects at multiple gauges at the same time to keep my interest and to have something that suits whatever mood I'm in (although not usually more than 2-3 projects at a time).

  • Mash Potato socks: already started (pictured in this post)
  • Kveta shawl: using yarn from my parents. It will be a simple, soothing project on larger needles
  • May cardigan: a seasonless layering piece in one of my favorite colors, yarn already purchased (on sale) for a good price.

Items I'd love to knit but do not have exact plans and/or yarn for:

  • A classic longer-length cardigan either cabled or in a simple stockinette or texture, nothing too trendy. Knit up in a classic, sturdy, heirloom yarn (something that will hold up to years of wear without pilling). Top contenders at this time: Ceyln, Truss, Migration, Barn Sweater, or Arctic Cardigan
  • A worsted-weight colorwork yoke sweater in dark neutrals, like the Lighthouse Pullover or Grettir
  • A colorwork cowl, maybe Glacier Park Cowl (I'd probably knit it in dreamy Woolfolk Tynd)
  • Morning Walk hat (in Woolfolk Tynd and Sno held together, probably)
  • Mittens, for gifting


Overall, I'd like to be more comfortable with my sewing machine (I know I say that every year, but really)

  • A simple (read: beginner-suitable) lap/twin sized quilt, primarily using fabric I already own. My mantra is "Quilting is just cutting up fabric and then sewing it back together."
  • A sewn dress. My top contenders: Basics dress, Gardenia dress, or a sleeveless Farrow dress. If I want to foray into knits, I really like the Waterfall Raglan

Other crafts

I used to do a lot of other crafts (beside fiber) but those interests are gradually nudged to the side, as of late.

  • Finish and assemble needlepoint houses before next Christmas (slow and steady...wins the race, right?)
  • One or two simple home decoration crafts from Scandinavian Gatherings (so many cute ones to choose from!)

I do not foresee myself completely all of these projects, of course. But I always find listing and categorizing helpful to sort out and plan for future projects that are true to what I actually want to have in my life.

Are there any specific patterns/projects on your list of what you'd like to make this year?


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