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Him, 27 years

Today is Nicholas' birthday and each year, around this time, I write him a love letter.

If you're feeling reminiscent (I always seem to be), here are the links to 25 years | 26 years

To my husband,

This is our eighth year together. And I love you all the more than I did when we were nineteen.

The learning of each other doesn't stop because we spend 5, 10, 15, or 40+ years together.

Each day, I'll wake up and try to make more sense of the brain in your head, that beating heart in your chest, those dimples when you smile. I'll happily spend the rest of my life puzzling you out.

Because as you said recently, "We're best friends for life," but so much more, too.

You're my co-adventurer, and my favorite homebody. You're a hard worker, so good at your job and providing for our family. You're my comfort, keeping me warm on a cold night. You're my favorite person to have coffee with, and mull over life with, and bake a (gluten-free coffee) cake for, and fall asleep on the couch with. I'll continue to trust your leadership of our family and trust God's plans for our future.

Today, we're celebrating your birthday by lingering on the couch with coffee, and eating homemade (birthday) coffee cake, the best local takeout pizza, and our favorite chicken tacos together.

And looking forward: We'll celebrate each other, not just on birthdays. We'll hug all the time, because now it's such a wonderfully habitual part of our marriage. We'll continue to find that balance of fun/intimacy as we pursue even more shared interests. And we'll practice both the challenging and encouraging of each other, as we pursue Christ together.

I wouldn't have it any other way than to be at your handsome side. It's an honor and a pleasure and a blast.

Here's to you, sweetheart. You've got my heart (held tight).

P.S. - all these pictures are from our trip to Canada this past fall (except the cake, naturally).


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