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Him, 26 years

Tuesday was Nicholas' birthday, or more specifically, his golden birthday. Just like last year, I wrote a little love note to him on his birthday.

To my husband,

Your birthday was a rainy day.

You worked from home for a bit and we sat together on the couch, drinking our coffee and working on our own projects.

I brought you a mocha and a card when you were at work. I met you by the back door under the overhang so we wouldn't get rained on.

We went out for pizza the day before, so on your birthday you ate your favorite leftover pizza for lunch. I snapped a quick photo of our feet as we walked to supper downtown, just because I want to remember what it felt like to be in our shoes, right at that very moment.

That night, we met up with our closest friends. Everyone signed a card for you, and we all ate gf brownies.

You asked for butterscotch cake for your birthday, so your mom shared the recipe with me (thanks, Karen)! I used a gluten-free cake mix, so the distinct layers of pudding and cake made for an interesting, but really good texture. We ate the whole pan, just the two of us.

At the end of the day when I asked, "Did you feel loved [on your birthday]?" and you said, "Yes, I really did," and gave me a hug, it made my heart so happy.

Twenty-six looks good on you, but the internet will rarely glimpse that because you don't like having your picture taken. As much as I like to take pictures, I respect you for not having such a strong need to be known by the entire world.

You love a tidy home, but love it when my hair is messy.

You do excellent work, regardless of the project.

You know what I'm thinking more than I do, sometimes.

I'll forever be enamored with your one-dimpled smile.

For all the birthdays and in-between days to come:

I will gladly eat pizza + cuddle + have quiet mornings + be your confidant + pray for Christ to be your passion + respect you + love you for the rest of my life.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart.


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