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Finished Sencilla cowl

I wanted to take a moment to document a recently finished knitting project: the Sencilla cowl. I haven't had much time for knitting in the last few weeks between working and family visiting (which I'll post about soon!), but I'm hoping to build some momentum with my current projects in the next few days and over the weekend.

Back to the finished object—the Sencilla cowl.  Generally, I decide on a knitting project and then choose suitable materials, but in this case, the yarn came first. I treated myself to a gorgeous single skein of Woolberry Fiber Co. DK yarn in PS I Love You. After combing through Ravelry for a pattern that would be (1) enjoyable to knit, (2) very wearable, because this yarn is too gorgeous not to be worn a lot, and (3) make good use of the yardage of the skein, I finally settled on this pattern.

Turns out, this project fit all criteria perfectly. I've worn it breakfast on the patio date with a friend and several times around our apartment. Now, it will be tucked away until the cooler months, at which time I'm sure it will be a favorite.

  • Pattern: Sencilla cowl
  • My notes, etc. on my ravelry project page
  • I used all but 2 grams of this yarn, so it was a perfect yarn/pattern use
  • At first, I wasn't sure about the speckles with the stitch pattern, but actually, I love it.


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