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Finished May cardigan

I finally finished my laceweight cardigan that I've had on the needles since April! I've written about it, in it's in-progress state for months in several posts, so no doubt, the texture will look familiar to you. It was a lesson in perseverance, but a worthy lesson, at that.


This project had a few bumps along the road, mostly due to my inattention to the atypical construction (and knitting crucial pieces when I was tired). All of my mistakes were fixable, albeit time consuming, to fix.

It's been 95% done for a few days, just waiting for me to have the patience and headspace to add the little ribbed armhole trim. Once I figured out a system to do it neatly, I knit both pieces of trim last night. I  stayed up until 1am to do it, because dang it, I wanted to wake up to a completed sweater.


Yarn: Quince and Co Piper, 50% Texas mohair, 50% Texas superfine merino wool in the color pampa, 3 skeins, purchased on sale

Pattern: May by Bristol Ivy

Needles: US 3 for bottom trim and armholes, US 4 for body

Specifics/Modifications: I made the 40 3/4 size, adding about 1.5" in length. My stockinette stitch gauge was larger, so I had to account for that in the assembly. For more details, see my ravelry page.


As I do with any new purchased clothing, I want to make sure the item can be combined with my existing wardrobe to create at least three different/unique outfits. I do this practically, but it's also pretty fun :) As it turns out, it's exactly as I had hoped, in size, fit, and and wearability in any season with nearly anything. I took some self-timer photos (please excuse any resulting blurriness or dorkiness) with a few outfits to give you the gist of it:

(1) With a shift-style dress

(2) With jeans and a close-fitting cami

(3) With jeans and a favorite swingy top

(4) With a sleeveless top tucked in a maxi skirt

(5) Over an a-line swingy dress:

I'm glad I took some extra time for the finishing to ensure it looked tidy and professional. Anyway, I love it and I'm 100% relieved to free up some brain space. When you finish a workhorse project like this and it turns out, all the work is more than worth it.

Happy knitting/creating/Tuesday-ing to you, friends!


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