Finished brioche scarf

I've been in a mood to finish-all-the-projects. I've mentioned before that I'm most creatively productive when I have 2-3 projects going at a time. Smaller projects, like Nicholas' slipper socks, were fast to finish up, but a few longer-term projects contributed to a general feeling of overwhelm. Finishing the cardigan helped, of course. And seeing as Molly and I were excited to start our mini Glacier Park Cowl KAL, I wanted to get one more project "off the needles" beforehand. So here we are!

I actually love the finished object far more than I liked it in process. This poor yarn has been through the wringer — see red yarn, five tries — and was rather "crinkly" from being in knitted form, sitting untouched in storage. As I knit with it, the stitches looked a bit uneven and sloppy. I wasn't too worried because I knew I'd still wear this scarf, albeit wrapped up and tucked in and not examined too closely. However, blocking worked a small miracle and now I have a finished scarf in a pretty color, with even tension, lot of smooshiness (a technical term, of course), and a super soft hand. However I thought it would turn out, the process of knitting this was really enjoyable. Brioche-on-the-bias had just enough interest to keep me entertained, but plenty of mindless rows, too. After all those failed attempts, this yarn deserved a little photo shoot, and my friend Molly generously offered to take some pictures of me wearing it. :)

Sometimes, the fifth time's the charm.


Yarn: Berroco vintage DK, purchased in 2012, re-knit into various projects and frogged multiple times

Pattern: Junction by Jared Flood

Needles: US 5

Specifics/modifications: modified to be wider than the larger size. I like a nice, wide scarf best.  For more details, see my ravelry project page

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