Him, 32 years

Towards the end of January, we celebrated Nicholas' birthday. It was a Wednesday, so the bulk of the day was normal, adult happenings. The day prior, I prepared the base for sourdough cinnamon rolls to long ferment. The morning of, Cooper and I finished making the rolls: we mixed, rolled, filled, sliced, and baked them. It was so sweet to make them together for daddy.

We had fika in the afternoon, while Nicholas was working, and he opened a few birthday gifts, including a pair of socks I knit for him. I made one of his favorite meals for supper, bacon burger breakfast skillet, and then we spent some time together as a family before Cooper fell asleep in Nicholas' arms, and then we watched a show, snuggled on the couch, just the two of us. A quiet and cozy birthday.

The following weekend, we celebrated with your family.

Each year, around this time, I write him a love letter. If you're feeling reminiscent (as I always am), here are the links to previous birthday posts:

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To my husband,

This was a sweet year, overall for our family. We were more settled in our hew home. We got to witness our little boy continue to grow and be such a bright spot for us. You worked from home for the majority of the year, so we had more family time. We went on beach days, had picnics, and have spent so many nights all snuggled together in our bed.

We walked through heartache with another miscarriage this summer. And then, we witnessed the joy of a new little life, a new heartbeat, growing and healthy, and all the anticipation of another baby.

I love seeing you be the best dad to Cooper, listening to him, holding him, playing with him, teaching him so many things.

I love the way you take care of our home, our yard. You're a diligent worker in any project you take on.

I love the way we can listen to podcasts together, work on puzzles together, play games.

I love the way that you encourage me in my creative pursuits, and how you tell me how much you enjoy what I cook and bake.

I love the way you talk to my belly, telling baby boy you love him. I can't wait to meet our baby boy alongside you, and see you hold your son for the first time.

We've mourned together, and dreamed together, and I've come to love our marriage and our little family, and you, my husband, more than ever before.

I love you.

Happy (belated) thirty-second birthday, sweetheart.

PS — Cooper loves you so much.

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