Him, 28 years

Today is Nicholas' birthday and each year, around this time, I write him a love letter.

If you're feeling reminiscent (as I always am), here are the links to previous birthday posts:

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To my husband,

The longer we're married, the more I learn about you and grow with you. Marriage to you has always been fun, but in the last year, it's been a whole new season of just true enjoyment of marriage to you.

Today we're celebrating with some of your favorite things: a freshly dusted and vacuumed home and the diffuser running. I made us fun grain bowls for lunch with leftover Rudy's BBQ sausage, a fried egg, rice/quinoa mix, and roasted sweet potatoes (and a few sauteed mushrooms on mine). We had fika with coffee and a gluten-free chocolate cake. And for supper, we're having a baked ham, with roasted brussel sprouts.

And today, I want to tell you how I love and respect the man that you are.

I love how you want to wake up with me on my work days, so we can have breakfast and coffee and watch a few minutes of Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting together before I head into work.

I love how you say, "Little spoon now," when you know I want or need to cuddle, or if it's been a long day.

I love how you're so appreciative of the food I make and the laundry I do. And how you clean the kitchen more than I do, just to make the apartment nice for me to come home to after a long shift.

I love how you whistle or sing Christmas songs any time of the year.

I love how you share your excitement with me, whether its about a cool work project, or a new computer game, or some new technology, or a funny video.

I love how you always stop and pray for me right away when I need it.

I respect how hard you work to support our family.

I respect how you encourage me to do fun things and to practice yoga and self care.

I respect how you save our money, but also aren't afraid to spend it on nice, practical things.

I respect how you know your own mind, but how you're a learner at heart, and are constantly pursing more knowledge.

I respect how loyal you are to family.

I respect how you encourage us to eat better and practice a healthy lifestyle.

I love and respect your whole heart and your brain and the man you were when I met you and the man you are today.

You have a dimple that makes me melt and hands that know just how to hold mine, and I'm so blessed that they do hold mine, every day of this life we share together.

Happy twenty-eighth birthday, sweetheart.


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