The end of a year and the beginning of another

I always think of how January feels like a continuation, rather than just a new beginning. We kind of slide into the new year, only a day older, not truly that different. It can certainly be helpful to think of January first as a new start, as it is, of course, in some ways. But I also think there's a joy and a perseverance of the continuing on that I like about the start of a new calendar year. Here's a few snippets of life in that transition: the closure of a year and the beginning of a new.

Cooper and I spent New Year's Eve later afternoon with friends, bundled up, at a bonfire. And then we came home to eat soup I made that afternoon and hang out with Nicholas at home for a quiet evening.

Lots of snow after Christmas! We took a snowy drive around town, sipping on a shared decaf latte from our favorite local coffee shop, admiring the most beautiful, flocked trees. We played in the backyard, pulled out our sled for coop (used to be my sled!).

We baked cookies, our favorite recipe at the moment.

We went sledding with friends, bundled in snowsuits and hats and neckwarmers and mittens and boots.

We put together two puzzles, both Charles Wysocki pieces, which have become my very favorite puzzles. I love the seasonality of them.

We built forts and obstacle courses in the basement with Cooper's pikler's triangle

Coop and I went on a date to the library and our favorite local French bakery. We pick out treats and then sit on bench together.

I went to a friend's house for a cozy girl's night.

I lit beeswax taper candles for the first time and we made simmer pots.

We've been on bundled up walks on our favorite trail, pointing out squirrels and ice on the pond, and noticing things together that you only see when walking at a toddler's pace.

We spent time on the three season porch. It was only twenty-four degrees outside, but it was an especially sunny day, so it was comfortable. He colored, I knit, we shared a bit of peppermint tea and cuddled with a blanket, before the tea spilled everywhere ;)

I got my hair done! Several inches cut off and a balayage to lighten things up. I'm really happy with it. I've also been wearing my finished Scarf No. 1 almost constantly. Such a versatile pattern.

I've been baking bread and making sourdough pancakes and waffles.

And we often run out to the field adjacent to our yard, admiring the last watercolored light on the snow in the evening.

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