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Introducing: A podcast!

I've been working on a new project with my friend Molly for the past month or two. Until now, it's been hush-hush, but I'm excited to say that we're finally brave enough to release the first two episodes of our co-hosted podcast*, Stirrings. In this first episode, we loosely define our vision for the podcast and the reasoning behind the name, Stirrings:

"We both really like to cook, so literally stirring, but also areas in our lives where we feel moved, moved to change our habits, [or] we feel heart stirrings, or the Lord is teaching us something new."

Molly comes up in blog posts, frequently, I wrote a post about her and her husband, Fleetwood, when we first moved to Austin two years ago. Also, here is a link to Molly's blog. And here's a picture from Thanksgiving 2015 with all four of us, husbands included:

We're new at this, so please pardon the "newness" of it. But we're excited! And we're excited to share it with you, even if only our moms listen.

For now, we're publishing the podcasts on Molly's blog.

Click here to listen to Stirrings Podcast: Episode 1

*If you're wondering what a podcast is (no shame in that at all) it's like an online radio show (audio only) that you can play through your browser. Happy listening! :)


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