Lessons from mid-summer

I frequently say that I want to be "a lifelong learner." It's a true sentiment, and it's not limited to dedicated time set aside to learn something. Even ordinary weeks afford plenty of lessons, if I only choose to learn them. When I sat down to write this post, I started with four bullet points. And then, the list grew longer and longer and it was a fun exercise to see the all there is to learn in a normal week. These are my favorites:

  • The history behind Downton Abbey (what people of the era ate, wore, how they traveled, etc.) from A Year in the Life of Downton Abbey. I've been in a bit of a rut with reading, but ever since I checked this out from the library, I can't put it down!
  • How to be a camp nurse, thanks to Camp in the City (P.S.: camp food = best food and I'll have a side of guac with everything)
  • What the grocery store is like after 9pm, post-college (weird/sad, but also kind of fun?)
  • My thorough enjoyment of the music of Trampled by Turtles and The Lumineers' newest album, Cleopatra
  • The comfort and hope of the gospel in our sometimes heartbreaking world
  • How to make the best of a Saturday when Nicholas has to work: head downtown to a coffee shop so he can work and I can knit and read
  • How to get both of us to exercise, since it's easier to be extra-homebodies when he works from home: go for an early morning walk around the neighborhood or disc golf together
  • How to throw a driver (longest range disc) when playing disc golf
  • The versatility and wearability of my chacos. They take me from the grocery store to the disc golf course, on a walk, and a trip downtown, with plenty of support and no blisters.
  • That it's a great idea to add avocado to your shrimp/rice pattie/veggie stir fry from Koriente
  • How sweaty you get when you walk 25 blocks downtown when its 100 degrees outside (very)
  • How to gracefully eat an ice cream cone when it's 100 degrees (Just kidding—it's impossible. I had ice cream on my shirt and my pants and also in my hair).
  • That sometimes it is necessary to take two showers in one day (see two previous bullet points)
  • How much fun it is to be married to Nicholas

These are lessons that I'm more than happy to learn, and I'll take a side of guacamole with that, please.

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