Finished Anna vest

A couple of weeks ago, I finally finished my Anna Vest. It was a super rewarding project, as it introduced a few new skills in pattern-reading, and also increased my confidence in my finishing skills (lots of seaming and that long button band).

For more notes, or if you're a knitter and want all the details, you can find them on my Ravelry (although you may need a Ravelry account to view it).  Also of note, I knit this as part of a Knit-A-Long (KAL), where a group of knitters decides to knit the same pattern, each with her own rendition.  Everyone knits the pattern at the same time, formally, or informally. For me, I love the idea of a KAL for the camaraderie (check), and the accountability (check). If you're curious, there are other knitters' Anna vests at #annavest.

And I love it. Naturally, I'll be more excited to wear it once the weather is cool and crisp. And there are so many layering possibilities! I'm looking forward to several vest + dress or vest + tunic + pants + boots combos, come fall.

P.S.—Thank you once again, Molly, for your photography skills!

P.P.S.—I just returned from a wonderful trip to my hometown, in Minnesota. More on that in a post soon!

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