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Fridays & friends

Friday night, we went downtown with Fleetwood and Molly to the area surrounding Nicholas' workplace. He's quickly becoming our resident "downtown expert." It was fun to take a little tour. My, does Austin have hills!  My Minnesota roots want to compare it to Duluth, MN in regards to elevation changes. I love all the combination of the interesting terrain and historic buildings. And it's pretty wonderful that N can walk around this beautiful area on his lunch break.

The weather was much cooler* this weekend, so by suppertime, the temperature was lovely.

The more exploring we do, the more freedom I feel to explore. I'm not sure if that makes sense or not, but little by little, Austin is feeling smaller (in a good way).

How cute are they?? ^^

The whole evening (an awesome meal here and moseying around) felt like a celebration of sorts, I'm not sure why. But we don't always need a reason to celebrate, right? Either way, we're glad to be here (and so, so grateful for good friends).

*my idea of "cool" may be becoming somewhat skewed. N and I joke that a "high of 91" is a cooler day (I'll take it over a high of 101 any day!)


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