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Thoughts on a Friday

I don't desire to be perpetually in the mindset of "living for the weekend," however we do love our Fridays around here. I've been completing lots of little tasks around the house in preparation for the weekend. Laundry, running the dishwasher, a little bit of paperwork, and tidying up the apartment among other things. I'm learning to appreciate the balance of productive, quiet weekdays around the house with fun, activity- and/or relaxing-filled weekends (plus, more time with the husband).  After all, weekending wouldn't be quite so delightful if every day was a weekend day, right? Nicholas will be home soon, but for now, the last few moments of "the week," I'm going to read a little for fun and brainstorm some more projects of the crafting variety. If you haven't at least browsed through this fantastic book, you really should. Each project (everything from candle-making to printing fabric to sewing to jewelry-making) is photographed and explained step-by-step, as if you were in a workshop). It's worth a peak, even for the photography. :) Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

P.S.—You know how you have to "get to know" a new piece of furniture?  We're definitely getting there with the new couch.  One of the best things about it? These armrests are awesome for resting many things besides arms.


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