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Five years of us

This past Friday, August 17, marked five years of marriage for us. We planned a little three-day-weekend-staycation together, which turned out to be the best idea.

When I think of the day we got married, the calm I felt in the morning getting ready, the joy I felt walking down the aisle with my dad, the tears (so, so many) I cried during the ceremony, the fullest of full hearts I felt celebrating with those we love most, well, it hardly seems like that was five years ago. I know that I'm overly sentimental at times, but there is something so incredibly unfathomable about two people choosing each other for the rest of their [our] lives. Something so wonderful.

On our actual anniversary, we slept in until almost 10 and didn't feel guilty about it. We ate a late breakfast of gf toast, collard greens, farmer's market bacon, and fried eggs and worked on a crossword puzzle together. Mid-afternoon, we drove into Austin, talking about driver's ed, and far off memories you can't even recall you remember until you do. At Salt and Time, we had a late lunch. I had a burger and he had a charcuterie plate. I ordered a grapefruit shrub soda.

We didn't want to just sit in traffic and we were too full for dessert, so we drove to Greater Goods Roasting Co. He ordered a regular coffee and I ordered an iced Fronks latte (sooo yummy). We sat together on the bench, he with his arm around me, and he told me about a show he watched recently without me, and I knit on a cowl I'm knitting for him for Christmas.

On Saturday, we spent the morning at home, listening to piano arrangements of movie scores, not looking at the titles and trying to guess which was which on this youtube channel, especially this video. It was a fun game, plus the videos are mesmerizing to watch. That evening, we drove to South Austin to Sway Thai for supper, one of our favorite meals to date. On the way home, we stopped at Teo for gelato, which was amazing. And that night, we watched Interstellar, because it might be our favorite (shared) movie, and we just had to after listening to the soundtrack music (see that youtube link).

Other little things I loved about our weekend together:

  • Opening cards from family, wishing us a happy anniversary
  • reading Jesus' words about marriage in Matthew (on our actual anniversary, which I didn't plan! I thought that was neat)
  • lots of low-key time together at home
  • Telling each other specific reasons why we love each other
  • lots of knitting, working on a project for him, which felt appropriate
  • meals at some of our favorite restaurants
  • carry-out pizza from East Side Pies (their gluten-free crust is so good!)
  • I straightened/styled my hair for the first time in several months
  • he bought me new perfume
  • parking a few blocks away from our destination so we can walk together
  • cooking a nice (bowl) meal at home on Sunday night, with pre-dinner tea
  • how he told me more than once how he was having so much fun with me

And things I love about our marriage and life right now:

  • watching all the British shows together (historical pieces and mysteries are our favorites)
  • how I can fall asleep with my head on his shoulder (we're actually more comfortable sharing a bed than we were when we first married). When he comes to bed after me, he always "scoops" me up
  • how hard he works to support our family at a job he doesn't always love
  • waking up early and working on crossword puzzles together
  • dreaming together, of future hopes and travels and things we long for
  • how handsome he looks in an Acadia baseball cap
  • how he encourages me in my knitting and sewing, reminding me to make time for myself
  • when we power clean the apartment together
  • how he dreams with me, but also reminds me on a daily basis of all the blessings we have in the here and now
  • how we always split the dessert 50/50
  • he'll take pictures of me in my finished sewn/knitted items
  • more greens for every meal (even breakfast sometimes!)
  • he's been helping me prep dinner, especially on work nights
  • orange and clove or orange and spruce in the diffuser
  • crying our way through emotional shows together (shhh, yes, both of us)
  • movie dates at matinee times, especially the latest Mission Impossible

We both agree this year has been the most fun year of our marriage to date. I love him so much.

I was reading in Matthew about marriage and how it is something to cherish and find joy and how God intended for us to care for it well. He loved me even when I gave him the flu, and that's true love. ;) I'm praying for another year with him, another (fun) year of loving one another, making a life together, laughing and dreaming and growing together.

And lastly, here are some pictures of us from the last year, my favorites of our little family of two.

P.S.— if you're curious, here are my previous anniversary posts and our love story in two parts:


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