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Two years of us

Yesterday was our second anniversary. Two years of change and growth and love. To celebrate, we did a mini series of local dates (his idea!) and visited our favorite places in Austin.

On Saturday, it was a balmy ninety-five degree evening. He wore his fancy shoes, I wore a fancy dress borrowed from a friend and my favorite leather sandals. We drove downtown and parked far away because we like walking longer distances together. We ate house-made mozzarella balls, crispy margherita pizza, and chocolate hazelnut budino (mousse) at our favorite little neapolitan pizza place. We talked about podcasts, future plans, and our justice-seeking, but peacekeeping personalities. We held hands the whole night. And later that evening, when I fell asleep on the couch, he carried me to bed.

Yesterday, I drove downtown midday and brought him an iced mocha (with just a hint of chocolate) and a card I wrote for him.

That evening, we ate a really good supper with friends and painted at their new house. And we took the only photo of our faces from the weekend in our painting clothes. Every time someone takes a photo of us, there's always one in the set where I'm reminding Nicholas to smile for real. Usually while touching his face.

That's better.

The weekend has so many pockets of time when I felt cherished by Nicholas. It the perfect mixture (for us) of quality time + rest together.

The most foundational thing to see from the Bible about marriage is that it is God’s doing. And the ultimate thing to see from the Bible about marriage is that it is for God’s glory. Those are the two points I have to make. Most foundationally, marriage is the doing of God. And ultimately, marriage is the display of God. John and Noël Piper

For the sake of remembering, these are few favorite little things that I love about life right now:

  • Our morning routine. It's been more difficult since I've worked nights, but whenever I have a night at home, we always wake up and eat breakfast together. We'll read a devotional when we have time, also.
  • How we can sit next to each other on the couch, content to work on our own projects for hours.
  • We like more of the same foods than we ever have before. Right now, we've loving roast-type meals I put in the crockpot during the day while I sleep off a night-shift. Plus, this type of meal gives us the best leftovers for lunches.
  • We've been listening to a local radio show together in the car, and sometimes on our porch when it's not too hot outside.
  • We always have a candle burning. We really like these soy ones made here in Austin. They have silly names and make our home cozy, plus, they last forever.

Now we're rested, filled, and ready for another week, and year. Together.

P.S.—If you don't like mushiness, I'm sure you didn't make it through that post.

P.P.S.—If you're curious, last year, I wrote this post about our first year of marriage.


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