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Twenty-five (a birthday post)

It's my birthday week, and I'm not usually that person who tells everyone, It's my birthday! because that might upset or weird out people and I'm all about preserving harmony.* However, I did think it would be fun to do a little post with some facts about me, and this is the only week it seemed appropriate to do so. Without further ado, here are fifteen assorted facts, because twenty-five facts seemed like too many:

  1. I'm incredibly curious about other people's love languages and Myers-Briggs types. Both help me understand more about other people and myself. I'm an ESFJ*, but I flex a little to the introverted side, and my love languages are quality time and physical touch.
  2. My favorite smells are sunscreen, bug spray (yes), Nicholas' cologne, smokey barbecue tacos the morning after a night shift, this granola in the oven, and the smell of health food stores (usually a blend of lavender and basil).
  3. My elbows hyperextend, and it's not always photogenic. On our wedding day, my husband's best friend was on elbow duty during our photos.
  4. Those things you use to put your hair in a ponytail? I call them hair binders, not hair ties, or hair elastics.
  5. I'm not a natural multitasker, but I always forget this the moment I start to brush my teeth. I try to do a full load of laundry, or other household tasks, all the while forgetting three things: the toothbrush is in my mouth, I still need to brush my teeth, and everything would be more efficient if I just brushed my teeth and then completed said household task.
  6. I've never colored my hair.
  7. I'm the worst when it comes to remembering birthdays, but I memorize song lyrics easily.
  8. When I was younger, I wanted to be a Park Ranger.
  9. I'll cry most often when I witness injustice, a glimpse of God's glory, or occasionally during a Subaru commercial.
  10. I change the way I write letters and numbers all the time. For example, sometimes I write a loopy two, sometimes I write the two with a linear base.
  11. I'm prone to overindulge nostalgia.
  12. I prefer to wear neutral colors, stripes, or subtle patterns. Usually, I'd rather wear skirts or dresses.
  13. I would love to visit Norway, Iceland, or Greece.
  14. My tone of voice is inversely proportional to my comfort level, i.e. I speak in a lower tone of voice when I'm comfortable in a situation.
  15. Beautiful linens, pretty stationary, and nice dish soap are some of my favorite things.

So there you have it—just a few little notes about me.

I work on my actual birthday, but then I have six days off. To celebrate my twenty-fifth year, we'll have a low-key supper with a few friends, and I'm going to make the same cake I made last year, and most definitely eat it for breakfast the next day.


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