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Tiny colorwork sweater, finished

I've mentioned numerous times that much of my knitting lately has been gift-related (and secret). I finished and gifted one such item recently and wanted to finally share it here.

It is that season of life where so many of my friends are having babies and their families are growing. I've knit things here and there for expectant mothers, usually sharing them on the blog. However, I had never knit a colorwork sweater in miniature before now. And let me tell you, miniature colorwork is adorable.

I knit the Crazyheart sweater (the pattern includes sizing from 0-3 months to adult!), using special leftover yarns from projects and using yarn from my stash. Our friends are having a little girl, but the colors I settled on turned out to be rather gender-neutral, so they can use it with any future babies they might have, as well. :)

It was a rather fast knit, as I knit the sleeves first, and then the body from bottom-up. I just kept wanting to knit and knit, knowing the "fun" part was still ahead of me. And then I knit the colorwork section in one day, and it was finished! Our friends are having a November baby, and I can't wait to see how the sweater looks on their little girl.

All that said, I would definitely knit a colorwork sweater for an infant again. Nicholas and I couldn't stop commenting on just how tiny and cute it was, especially compared to an adult hand, or when it was folded, oh my goodness.


For even more details, you can see my ravelry project page

Yarn:  leftover from my red brioche scarf for the body, and accent colors with yarn from my Ninilchik Swoncho and my brioche cowl

Size: 0-3 months, since her due date is in November, at some point in that time frame, baby should be able to wear it, even in Texas!

Pattern: Crazyheart, by Tanis Lavallee

Needles: US 3, 4, 5, depending on which part of the sweater I was knitting. I knit the sleeves with dpns and the body with circulars. I finished the yoke with dpns when the circumference became too small for the circular needles.

Specifics/modifications: None. I did use the Very Pink Simple Stretchy Bind Off to ensure the neckband wasn't too tight.


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