A Christmas at home

I wrote about our early Christmas celebrations and travels in my previous post here. After we returned home from that trip, we had a relatively mellow week at home, with lots of little celebratory things sprinkled into the week of Christmas.

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An early Christmas weekend up north

The weekend before Christmas, we packed up our truck with warm clothes and Christmas gifts, plenty of snacks for the drive, and a loaf of sourdough bread, and drove north to see my family in the Twin Cities. It had been over a year since we spent time in my home state, and it was a so nice to be back for a visit.

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Christmas crafting for gifting and home

Over the last several months, I've been working on several Christmas crafts—both sewing and knitting. Some are for our own home as decor, and most are gifts. Since some were mailed off relatively early or opened at early Christmas celebrations, I can now share them here, just in time for Christmas. The links with the knitting projects are to project pages which then include pattern links.

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Decking the halls (a little early)

Last Christmas, we were still a bit dazed post-move. We put up the tree and I added a few pieces of decor, but since we were still deciding on or waiting on the delivery of furniture, our home didn't feel "finished," and so extensive decorating didn't feel possible or doable. In general, I like a sprinkling of Christmas decor, and I enjoy putting it out gradually, so we can enjoy it for a few extra days.

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A (very belated) Christmas 2020 overview

Now that we're firmly in mid- to late-January, I feel as though my thoughts are a bit more orderly and I've had time to sort out photos too, including some from Christmas. It seems a shame to bypass any note of how we celebrated this year, so even though this is very late, I still want to record our Christmas, with joy!

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Bright little lights of Advent

It's the week of Christmas! Advent has felt different this year, faster and slower than prior years. There are a million things to say about this year, but on the best of days, it highlighted the joys of being still, living a quieter life, being at home. Here are some other little bits of joy in the last couple of weeks:

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December beginnings

And just like that, it's December, and the start of Advent. We've been making our home cozy, and I've especially enjoyed figuring out how to decorate our new space. Little pops of Christmas cheer, wherever we can.

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Our Christmas 2019

This year, Christmas was simple and lovely. It can feel natural to rush past it, once December 25th has come and gone. But I want to linger a little, take note of some of my favorite tiny moments. 2020 will have it's own center stage for a full year, after all.

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Slow snowflakes

Cooper woke up a little earlier than his usual, as of late. He gave me big, sloppy kisses when I got him from his crib today. I ate my breakfast while he sat next to me in his high chair, fascinated. He smiled and laughed as he dropped toys on the ground, sitting up so tall, like a little boy (not so much a baby anymore, but still my baby forever).

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