Decking the halls (a little early)

Last Christmas, we were still a bit dazed post-move. We put up the tree and I added a few pieces of decor, but since we were still deciding on or waiting on the delivery of furniture, our home didn't feel "finished," and so extensive decorating didn't feel possible or doable. In general, I like a sprinkling of Christmas decor, and I enjoy putting it out gradually, so we can enjoy it for a few extra days.

This year, for all intents and purposes, our home feels like home. Fully furnished and settled in, and so decorating for Christmas, a little here and there, has been fun. Especially with a little helper who is very enthusiastic about Christmas lights and "help put up decorations, mama." We have a little tree in his room, decorated with some (not breakable) pieces from my childhood, along with some salt dough ornaments I made with Cooper last year.

And then, I put out little accents with pillows or wreaths, light up ceramic trees, faux berries, and ornaments handmade by my mom, a little bit here and there, enough so that no room feels left out.

We will wait until after Thanksgiving to put up the living room Christmas tree, but I enjoy seeing the little extra twinkle in our home leading up to Thanksgiving.

In other cozy news, it's officially simmer pot season, at least in this home, and Cooper and I made one the other night. It varies each time, but Monday's simmer pot included: 1/2 lemon, a clementine, fresh cranberries, dried rosemary, and a few drops of cinnamon essential oil, with filtered water. It won't come as a surprise that this combination made our home smell so good (sans chemicals, too. ;). A great activity for little hands to transfer the fruit into the pot before adding water.

And each morning, I have my trusty coffee-maker-helper. He grinds the beans, exactly as I do, pulsing them. And he helps me whisk in the unflavored coconut oil and collagen powder we add to our coffee. The sweetest, littlest barista. Sometimes we let him have the tiniest taste, and his response is always, "Mmmmm, that's yummy tofftee (coffee)."

The days are short, with an early dusk and sunset, and I find my heart extra grateful for our cozy home and the (three!) boys with whom I share it.

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