Spring in my step

To all my Northern friends and family, I realize that my yearning for spring is likely nowhere near what you may be feeling, especially in the midst of heavy wintry weather, which is something that doesn't really happen here.

But Austin has been taunting us with spring since February (or earlier? It's hard to say when the odd day is in the 70's, even in January) and I've finally beginning to get spring fever. I love the "cozy months," but I admit that warmer weather is mighty attractive right now. Thank goodness for the seasons. There's always another one right around the corner.

Other little (springy, happy) things:

In the kitchen: roasting all the veggies in the fridge and using Tessame dressing for a super quick marinade for roasted chicken and mushrooms. It was a quick, hands-free dinner when I didn't feel like cooking. I haven't been in the mood to cook recently, so if you have any easy, light, fast supper ideas, I'm all ears!

For lunches: chicken salad + green grapes + nut thins + a fried egg = an à la carte lunch with minimal effort

For snacking: zucchini bread and black coffee* for fika. Homemade rice krispie bars. Using a mug that feels seasonally appropriate year-round, since it looks either cozy, or bright and springy to me, depending on the season.

Seeing: a touch of light and color in the sky when I'm leaving work

Moving: walks with him, even if it's just to the mailbox or around the block

Creatively: setting up a productive, cozy corner for myself (for maximum creative enjoyment and a quick blurry photo). Blocking a finished pair of socks. Wanting to knit more little hearts. Probably going to cast on a May Cardigan in a bright springy salmon, shifting away from neutrals for just a moment. Received a hand-dyed skein of yarn from Woolberry Fiber Co in the most beautiful colorway and I can't wait to decide what to do with it, but I have a few ideas. Can you tell what my go-to color is right now? ;)

Thinking about: This podcast episode from LegacyKnitz, specifically where they talk about the effects of knitting to reduce anxiety and increase coping skills really resonated with me. I appreciated the comfortable way they talk about an important but not always talked about benefit of crafting/knitting. Even if you only watch the first half of it where they touch on this subject, it's a good watch.

Watching: Patriot's Day, which isn't necessarily happy, but well done and very moving

Wearing: shawls, a lot. Specifically, Cabin on the Knik to throw around my shoulders/wrap like a kerchief, or Briochealicious to wrap around my neck. My diffusor necklace (a wood slice) or the necklace pictured which opens to reveal scented beads.

Looking forward to: cooking out with some friends tonight.

What are your favorite little glimpses of spring (even if not a reality weather-wise just yet, but just in your heart?)

*specifically, Guatemala - El Socorro Maracaturra coffee from Greyhouse Coffee, made in the aeropress

P.S.— Here are a few other spring-related blog posts from years-past:

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