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A change in the air

The season seems to have turned a corner, as the days stretch longer. I find myself wanting to be more productive, particularly at home. Here are a few little happy things that I'm enjoying as of late:

Making decisions about my Anna Vest—I was going lengthen it, but decided against it after seeing this post. I think it will be a more versatile layering piece at the pattern-specified length.

Wearing Burt's Bees (new) lipstick. It's lipstick, but it wears like balm, and that makes it the best feeling lipstick I've even worn, as my lips don't feel dry at all. I actually bought it in two colors: Sunset Cruise, a warm, rosy red that's a little more subtle than my other favorite red from Anthro, and a pretty nude, called Nile Nude. I guess I'm firmly back on the lipstick bandwagon (was I ever off of it? I don't think so). These shades have me excited for summer. Bonus: because it's so moisturizing, I can drink from coffee mugs without leaving a mark.

Not wearing nail polish. I very rarely wear nail polish on my fingernails, but I'm giving my toenails a break too for the first time in a very long time and it's kind of fun.

Busying myself in the kitchen: starting my first batch of kombucha (thanks to a coworker with an extra scoby!) I also made our favorite homemade granola, a brunch-y quiche for lunch, and a new-to-me brownie recipe to bring to supper with friends tonight.

Staying closer to home this weekend as we intentionally avoid the SXSW crowds. It's a neat festival, but we're not really crowd people. Call us boring, and you're probably right. ;)

Admiring Austin's gradual greening from the recent rain, plus happy little flowers everywhere (and more to come with Texas wildflower season nearly upon us).

Watching Poldark, House of Cards, and Man in the High Castle. None of these are particularly happy-go-lucky, but all of which are very well done.

Reading and journaling my way through the She Reads Truth Lent study, especially this recent excerpt, from a little while back:

The God who left Heaven to pursue you and rose from the pit to redeem you has not forgotten you.

Working on my posture. Thinking shoulders back, head up: when I'm driving, when I'm knitting, and when I'm charting on the computers at work.

There's just something about early spring that has me super excited this year! What little things are you enjoying lately?


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