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Lately, little things

Happy Tuesday! I never really know what day of the week it is, so I had to think for a few moments there. I'm just popping in for a brief post about little bits of daily life. Lately, I've been...

  • enjoying early morning time in my Bible, finishing up Hosea
  • drinking my coffee and tea with a splash of unsweetened almond milk
  • enjoying sometimes cloudy, stormy weather, and the coziness that accompanies it
  • wearing my glasses more
  • thankful for my team at work. I have really awesome coworkers.
  • knitting, and dreaming about my next few projects
  • making lighter, fresher meals for supper: like citrusy shrimp and chicken tossed with fresh mozz and gf pasta
  • craving more fruits and veggies
  • making treats for our small group potluck with friends from church
  • discovering that I actually like mushrooms(!) and I've been buying them every week at the grocery store
  • looking forward to eating more suppers on the porch
  • watching Call the Midwife. I go in spurts with shows that I enjoy and I'm really loving this one again.
  • trying to be more intentional about life prep on the weekends
  • thinking about writing out our love story


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