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Rainy Sunday plans

I love the rain. It feels like a special treat here in Austin, too, since it's not too often we get one of these rainy, gloomy, cozy days. And it's a Sunday, so it already feels like a day to slow down. Here's how I'm spending it:

  • Eating cardamom cake for breakfast (with eggs and sausage too, for protein or balance? ;)
  • Making soup, specifically, the creamy chicken and rice soup from one of my favorite cookbooks. It's rainy day comfort food and makes for the best leftovers
  • the smell of sage (a key ingredient in the soup) reminds me of all things cozy
  • Baking my favorite granola—Man, does our home smell good today. I really should make this every week.
  • Going makeup-free and embracing the I haven't touched my hair since I woke up look, maybe a little too much(?)
  • Listening to Fossil Collective's Tell Where I Lie
  • Modeling for a few fairly-awkward shots of my newest Nick cowl
  • Catching up on and reading a few crafts blogs: Fringe Association and The Craft Sessions
  • Running through the rain with groceries up to our third floor apartment
  • Doing a few loads of laundry (scrubs won't wash themselves)
  • A new worsted-weight knitting project. After working on projects with thinner yarn, this one is flying!
  • More consistent yoga practice to help with sore, tight muscles after a few shifts in a row
  • Working on writing part II of our love story (here's a link to part I, if you missed it)
  • Brainstorming how we're gonna celebrate our third wedding anniversary next week!

It's tempting to settle into the melancholy on rainy days, but I'm not going to. Let's find the good in rainy days. I'm gonna start with another round of aeropress coffee. How about you?


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