Pink Lou box top, finished

Sewing hasn't been my go-to for quite some time. I do enjoy it, but in a home where the setup and takedown are a bit extensive and the "sewing table," aka kitchen table, is feet from the baby's room, the quiet of knitting needles usually wins out. That said, at the end of May, I sewed this top over the course of a few days, and then never shared it. I love how it turned out, I just haven't had occasion to wear it due to weather and lack of social events. I don't reach for tops with sleeves nearly as much on hot days, even if they're breezy and lightweight, like this one. It's one of those tops that I didn't know could become a go-to, until I actually wore it.

This morning, my SIL, Katelyn, Cooper, her puppy Sage, and I went to grab coffee to-go, and then stopped by a local park. Cooper loves the playground, and it was such a gorgeous morning to sit outside with a baby on my lap and drink a latte. And since I wore this top, Katelyn took a few photos. I can finally consider it "done," now that I've shared it here.

The details

Pattern: Lou Box top (made a few times before, already owned)

Size: I sewed a 2 or a 4, but honestly can't remember, since it was months ago. My pattern pieces, traced onto Swedish tracing paper have the size. If i can track those down, I'll update here.

Fabric: a textured linen/cotton blend from JoAnn's. It's been in my stash for a long time, and it was time to use it. It has a lovely hand and drape.

Modifications & notes: I sewed the scoop neck, dip hem version, since I didn't want to mess with neck closures. The neckline is rather open, but I still like the fit. It think I could also layer it with a cami underneath. I also added the sleeve bands for a more tailored sleeve detail. I love how these turned out. They took a bit of math and puzzling to figure out how to finish off the cuffs nicely. I did serge the cuffs to the sleeve, and I did a french seam for the center back (just a nicer finish, and my preference).

Next time: lengthen the bodice somewhat. I sewed this so long ago, I can't remember if I added length, but it is a very cropped silhouette on my long torso. Any shorter and it wouldn't be tuck-able.

PS — wore makeup for the first time in a week today. Little victories.

And also, here are some photos of Cooper hugging Sage. And of Katelyn and Sage being especially photogenic.


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