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Family photos by Love, Leon

Back at the beginning of August, I wrote about how our friends Lauren and Casey came to visit us. We spent the day together, shared meals, and visited the lake. And they so generously took some family photos of our family of three. I love them. And I've been meaning to share them here, in a post of their own, all the lovely work of Love, Leon.

It is so special to me to have these photos.

Seven years of marriage.

Life together in Indiana as new grads and newlyweds. Life in Texas with barely more experience in both marriage and work. Then life in Indiana again, preparing for a baby, putting down roots.

Multiple jobs, multiple apartments.

So much growth and change.

And a sweet little boy born last summer.

I love our little family so much.

All photos in this post taken by Love, Leon.

Thank you, Lauren and Casey! We are thrilled, and feel so loved to see you capture us this way.


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