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Life lately, early September 2020

A page is turned. And with the occasional morning temps in the fifties, I feel eager for fall and all the coziness that accompanies. Here are some little glimpses into our life lately, specifically the ones cheering my heart, giving me joy.

Treat Yourself Tuesdays. Still happening, and still so fun. This week, we did bentonite clay masks, foot baths, and started the extended version of The Fellowship of the Ring. I prefer to watch series on these nights to avoid the decision fatigue of deciding what to watch.

Celebrating a new walker! Cooper is our new wobbly walker. It's like a switch just flipped one day, and he preferred walking over crawling. It's been a blast for us to see how much he practices and walks around like a little grown up.

Trips to the local playground. Cooper can crawl up the playground (I'm within arms reach, naturally) and then he gets excited to go down the slides. He often says "Weeeeee" as we go down. And then he points to the "start" to do the same routine again. So fun. He also loves the swings.

A weekend with my family. They came in for a little over a day and a half. We went for a walk, made food together, saw the joy of Cooper when he saw some toys from my childhood, and just spent time together. My dad shared his blueberries with him. We had some coffee at home, and my brother grilled wonderful food. Cooper is changing so much these days, my family couldn't believe how different he was than a few months ago, right after his first birthday.

Lots of babbling for Cooper, even more so since he started walking. Also, he says "hi," "bye," "uh oh," "mama," and "dada."

Turning the couch into a jungle gym by removing a few cushions here and there.

milkademia creamer in my coffee. I go through phases where I prefer my coffee with creamer. This is one such stage.

Fluffy clouds and pretty skies on walks. I love the paths so near our home.

Finding evidence in the bottom of the laundry basket that a certain toddler was helping me fold clothes.

One last walk with a dear friend and her babies before they moved out of state. So thrilled for you, friend! We will miss you so much, but I'm so excited for you.

A little boy who loves sleeping with his little bunny, climbs up on patio furniture by himself, started up the scrunched-nose grin again, randomly cuddles and cozies up in comfortable spaces (laundry piles, couch pillows, etc), and literally screams in delight in his highchair sometimes.

Wearing my wearable muslin for my Klein dress. I actually wear this top more that I wear the actual dress, go figure.

The morning light in our apartment (I never tire of it).

Between daydreams of sweater weather, I am trying to enjoy the sandal weather sunshine we have.


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