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Late July creativity check + Summer of basics update

I thought I'd check in and share my current projects and my progress on the three month make-a-long, Summer of Basics. I've been knitting quite a lot, lately. Sewing is trickier for me just to take up when the mood strikes, because it requires a lot of space, and long (uninterrupted) periods of time. Both of which are a bit tricky in our apartment. That said, I've received the rest of the fabric for my next two sewing projects, and now I'm getting excited.

Summer of Basics (late July) update:

The Weekender Sweater: It's done! As I type this, it's drying after a blocking. I've also just realized that because I knit it with O-Wool Balance, it's machine washable, and I could have machine washed and dried it! That's a good thing to remember for next time. Once it's dry, I'll take some photos of me wearing it and write a post about it. In short, I'm thrilled with the pattern and how it turned out, even in a "bold" for me color. I'd love to knit another right away, in a neutral, of course. Or maybe a blue?

Arenite Pants: Pattern purchased, and I landed on a fabric choice for these, finally. I decided on a rayon/linen blend, the same fabric I used for my Metamorphic Dress, but in a dark grey. It drapes beautifully and it so soft and cool to wear. I've pre-washed the fabric, I just need to gear myself up for the task of printing out the PDF patterns, cutting out the fabric, and sewing them up. I think they'll be cool and comfy. I plan to make a few modifications; I'll probably add a few inches to the rise and make the pockets a little less voluminous.

Kline dress: fabric purchased and pre-washed, so they are basically at the same stage as the pants. I've purchased the pattern, and settled on a double gauze fabric (this fabric, but in a sold-out orange rust color). I'm so excited to wear this dress! It sounds especially appealing after the heat advisory we just had here in Texas.

Other making:

As far as other knitting goes, I'm in the process of knitting a More Honey hat in the loveliest color. I made a lot of progress on it on my recent trip to Minnesota, since it was perfect travel knitting. At this point, I'm almost to the crown decreases.

I have a few other projects in process, including some gift knits that I don't want to share just yet. But in anticipation of future knitting projects, here are a few I have my eye on:

I tend to notice color trends in my creative life, and for a while there I was on a pink kick with my Milena shawl, Cyril socks, and the Mavis baby hat, and now I'm on gold- and warm-toned neutral yarns. Aside from color trends, I've begun to plan for some Christmas knitting. I know, I know, it's July, but even with planning ahead last year, I don't want to have to knit my fingers to the bone to finish all my projects before Christmas. There's no harm in starting earlier this year.

As for sewing projects, I have some in mind as well, although I'd like to sew through more of my fabric before planning too many more projects:

  • Ogden cami: in linen, and maybe some self-drafted linen pajama shorts? Linen pajamas sound so dreamy.
  • Peppermint Magazine patterns. They have so many adorable (and free!) patterns. I love the Ruffle Sleeve Top, the Peppermint jumpsuit, and also the Peppermint peplum top. Maybe I can make a color-blocked version of the top with leftover linen/rayon? I'd like to make this with stashed fabric, since it only requires 1.5 yards.
  • Hinterland dress. I am really excited about this pattern, although I want to hold off from buying it or fabric for it until I've cleared my placed of a few other projects.
  • Christmas stockings, minimalist/modern with a little bit of quilting, kind of like this one!


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