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Finished Cyril socks & Summer of Basics update

First of all, Happy Independence day!

Nicholas and I both have the day off from work, but it turned out to be a rainy fourth of July, so we're resting and relaxing, eating burgers, watching shows, and I'm doing a fair amount of knitting. It seemed a good time to pop in and give an update about my current knitting and sewing projects, specifically, those I planned to make for Summer of Basics, and anything else I've been working on.

the Weekender Sweater

I've never knitted a sweater "quickly." So, it seemed only natural that I would consider the Weekender sweater the most time-consuming of my three Summer of Basics projects, and thus the one I'd start first. Worsted weight yarn knits up rather fast, so I've good progress on this! It's now at that foldable stage. I need to finish knitting the upper back of the sweater, join the shoulders, and then knit the sleeves (something I usually look forward to)!

All that said, it is the project with the fewest mental hurdles for me. With sewing, I find that I struggle with indecision: which patterns, which fabric, where to buy the fabric, when to print the pattern, etc. I have made some "big" decisions regarding my summer sewing, however.

Arenite Pants

Rather than the Luna pants that I originally planned to make, I went ahead and bought the Arenite pants pattern, planning to sew them with some modifications: sizing down for less positive ease, tacking the pockets so they don't drape as much. I think if I size them correctly, they'll look less like pajamas than the former pair might. And ultimately, I think the Arenite pants pattern is more versatile.

Kline dress

I've decided to designate my third Summer of Basics item to be a Kline dress instead of an Ogden cami. I already purchased the dress pattern and with the all the (typical) Texas summer heat, strappy dresses seem far more appealing that shorts or pants, etc.  I'll make the Kline dress in double gauze or a linen/rayon blend fabric for something super lightweight and airy. And if I still want to make a lightweight, strappy tank, I can always make one using the Kline dress pattern, chopped off into a top, which would be really cute, I think.

In both cases, I intend to purchase and prewash fabric in the next couple of weeks, and I'm excited!

Finished Cyril Socks


For even more details, you can see my ravelry project page

Yarn: Maker's Haven Simple Sock in She sells seashells

Pattern: Cyril socks

Needles: US size 0. I sized down, as is my usual for my loose tension. I prefer a firmer fabric for socks.

Specifics/modifications: I lengthened the heel flap, to accommodate my high arch. see my ravelry page for more details.

Other knitting

I'm most content knitting-wise with two projects on the go, usually differing in scale and texture. So, yesterday, I cast on a More Honey hat in the prettiest yarn. Big, mindless project? Check. Small, textured, portable project? Check.


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