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Him, 34 years

We celebrated Nicholas' birthday a few weekends ago! It fell on a Friday, and his request for a treat was breakfast sourdough cinnamon rolls (the boys were thrilled about this, of course). The day before, they helped me roll out and assemble the rolls, which was fun, if not a little chaotic. I love how they wanted to help make something special for their daddy.

On Nicholas' actual birthday, he worked from home, and I took the boys on a walk that morning. For lunch, we had pasties (a recipe I should share sometime!) made with sourdough pie crust, complete with a birthday candle for the birthday boy. Cooper thought that a candle in a pasty was hilarious.

That afternoon, we had fika, and then our usual Friday night pizza night. We weren't feeling 100%, so that evening was rather laid back.

Over the weekend we read books with the boys, went for a family walk, built tiles and Legos, and had Nicholas' dad over for afternoon coffee. It was a sweet, and mellow birthday weekend.

Each year, around this time, I write him a love letter.

If you're feeling reminiscent (as I always am), here is a link to all his previous birthday posts.

To my husband,

We have spent 15 years together, ten of those married– and I feel like there are still more interesting things about you that I am learning about.

The care you take in sharing the process of house and yard projects with Cooper, including him and instilling in him a love of doing things by hand and understanding the process of a project.

The way Finn beams at you and says his loud, "Dadda!" with a wave, looking through your office's French doors, and his face lights up when your eyes meet.

I love how we often check in about our new home – do we still love it? – YES. I love how you have dreams and plans for little and big ways to make it our own and I love to brainstorm together. And I respect that you are organized and a good planner, and you see projects through to completion.

The boys eagerly await your return home from work on our office days, running to greet you at the garage door with several enthusiastic greetings. And I think back to before we had children, when you dreamed of, one day, your own little kids running to greet you at the door. This is our life now!

You work so hard at your job (with very long commutes a few days a week) and provide for our family, so that I can choose to stay home with our kids. I love hearing about camaraderie with your team at work and the mutual respect with your coworkers.

I love all the little rhythms in our life, like our bedtime snack of homemade granola and raw milk, holding hands at the table while praying before our meal, or how you often help me clean the kitchen.

You proudly wear your handknit socks, hats, cowls, and sweater. And you take an interest in a hobby that I love.

I love our family walks. Lately, they look like Finn asleep in a stroller, and Cooper on a balance bike – and a chance for us to have a conversation, uninterrupted.

I teared up the other night, when you wanted to wake up Cooper to show him just how bright the stars were–just to share that moment with him–before tucking him back into bed.

I am looking forward to our first year together in this new home, to see the trees leaf out in spring, and for the hot, long, bright days of summer in the yard and on the deck, and to see the fall colors bordering our view. I want to do it all alongside you.

I love the life we have together, but far more than that, I love you.

Happy birthday, sweetheart.


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