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Him, 33 years

Since his birthday was on a Thursday, he worked and I had a regular day with the boys, but I did prepare dough to make his requested birthday treat: sourdough cardamom knots (I made them around Christmas, and we love them).

When Nicholas got home from work, Cooper was so excited for him to open a card (Star Wars, picked out by Cooper) and his gifts from us, one of which was a hot water bottle and cover that I knit. Cooper knew about this gift (we even tried it out once) and kept the surprise! We DeVrieses do love to be cozy, so since his birthday, the hot water bottle has been used daily.

Here's a link to my ravelry project page with some details, but I pretty much just followed the pattern (colorwork chart B), and it's a great, free pattern! Lettlopi yarn and stranded make the most perfect fabric for a hot water bottle cover, in my opinion– durable, soft in a rustic way, and very insulating. If we fill it with very hot water before getting into bed and tucking it by our feet, it is still warm in the morning. As silly as it sounds, I was so excited to give this gift to him, so I'm thrilled he enjoys it so much.

We also opened some thoughtful gifts from my family to Nicholas, and Cooper helped with all the unwrapping. We watched some of The Office, and drank tea together after the boys went to sleep. That evening, Nicholas told me, "I had a really good birthday."

On Friday, I assembled the cardamom knots (somewhat tedious, but very satisfying), let them prove, and baked them, so that we could have a special, day-after-birthday afternoon fika with coffee, as we often do on Friday afternoons as he wraps up his work week at home.

Cooper couldn't wait to try them, either! He had me set a timer for when they would be cool enough for him to try.

We had maybe four inches of snowfall around his birthday and the day after, so on that Saturday morning, we took the boys sledding, along with my father- and sister-in-law. All the adults tried it, and I forgot how fun it is. College was the last time I went sledding. Cooper had a blast and walked up the hill on how own many times. Finn was happy to be there, and just sat up, looking around in his snowsuit. I'm fairly certain he was so still and content because he couldn't move, but also he was happy and smiley, and fell asleep on the walk back to the car.

We went over to my in-law's for lunch, and we visited, Nicholas opened his gifts from his dad and sister, and Katelyn made us lattes. Such a fun day!

Each year, around this time, I write him a love letter.

If you're feeling reminiscent (as I always am), here is a link to all his previous birthday posts.

To my husband,

I've known you since we were nineteen – that's a lot of our adult lives spent together. We spend our days together very differently than we used to: juggling little boys, wiping tears, getting snacks, giving baths, comforting and disciplining and playing with and loving on Cooper and Finn.

We are more tired and there is less time with just us two, but I love our life together:

  • Catching each others' eyes across the room when Cooper says something funny or sweet
  • laughing at how loudly Finn can project his own voice
  • the way you always kiss Cooper's cheeks as you carry him upstairs to bed
  • taking turns with the boys on weekends, so one of us can sleep a bit longer (sometimes!)

You are very good at your job and you work so hard to provide for your family. I'm so glad you work somewhere where you enjoy and respect your coworkers and team.

You might just feel the most loved when I make you your favorite food.

You and I have the best conversations on long car rides.

Both boys light up when they see you after a work day, both race into your office (Cooper running, Finn speed crawling) whenever they have a chance.

You love a long, hot, summer day, barefoot in the grass, or at the beach, and it's fun to dream about summer days with you, even in January.

I will gladly go on family walks, watch British detective shows, enjoy being home (together), have fika with you, and parent alongside you, be your confidant, pray for you, respect you, and love you for the rest of my life.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart.


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