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Habitation throw, finished

After many months of sporadically working on this project, it's done! This was a longer term project for me, due to the size, and it suited me well to keep it as a background project to work on when I felt like it. However, with the beginning of January, I found myself wanting to wrap up a few projects, this included, so I worked on it more intensely until it was finally done.

I love a good colorplay project like this, and it was "scrappy" – utilizing most of my fingering weight partial skeins. The impromptu nature of it was fun, but also made me intermittently have to pause and think about what colors to choose next, and ultimately, I vastly underestimated how much yardage I had on hand and ordered a full skein of yarn to supplement. There are sequences in the stripes that I would alter if I could plan it all ahead of time, yes. But that's okay! I didn't let perfection get in the way of done with this project.

Towards the end of the decrease section, I figured out that I had a misstep in my decreases, since I thought I had the eyelet pattern decrease rows memorized, but was adding an additional YO. This made for a slower decrease rate than the pattern stated, and resulted in a distorted second half of the throw. With blocking, I found that most of the distortion was resolved, at least enough to appease me. And I know that this is a blanket I primarily made for the little boys, to throw on their laps or snuggle up with – not a blanket that needs to be neatly folded, so I really don't mind, and if I ever knit this pattern again, I will be more mindful of the directions in that section.

A few other takeaways:

  • Fingering weight throw projects are very time-consuming. Next time I want to knit a blanket of any size, I will likely choose DK weight or heavier
  • I loved seeing the colors stack on one-another
  • the i-cord edging offers a lovely finish
  • So many ends to weave in! But I chose to do it whenever the mood struck me, and that made it more manageable, rather than waiting until the end.

I want this Habitation throw to be something they can look at and think, Mama made this for me, something special for them (in colors that I enjoy), but also something they don't need to be precious with. Cooper has already slept with it a few times, and he helped me hang it up so we could get some photos. So fun!

Here is a link to my Ravelry page with more details on needle size, etc, as well as a link to the well-written pattern.


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