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Creativity check and finished projects, February 2023

This time of year, I typically feel very inspired and excited to start new projects, as well as clear off my needles and finish things up. Since my last creative check-in, I've finished off three knitting projects, as well as completed a few small fabric projects.

Knitting, finished

I've already mentioned a few of the finished projects in other posts on the blog: namely, my completed Habitation throw, knit mostly from leftovers, and a hot water bottle cover I knit for Nicholas as a birthday gift. I've also finished two other projects.

Another hot water bottle cover for a friend, as a gift. Again, I used Lettlopi, since I have a lot of it that my family gave me from an Iceland trip years ago, and I think it makes the most perfect cozy and durable fabric. There are more details and a link to the (free) pattern on my Ravelry page.

I also completed my pair of Hibernation House socks. These did involve a lot of knitting with the double thick cuff (knit twice the length and folded), but it makes for the coziest sock/slipper hybrid. I do think the sock yarn I used for the majority of the sock might not be super durable, since it almost pilled some, just from knitting with it. But we will see. Overall, I'm really pleased.

Knitting, in-progress

  • I'm working on a pair of socks in broken rib, knit out of a yarn I've had in stash for a long time (I bought it from a destash) and I finally decided to use it. The yarn base in 100% merino, so I was hesitant to knit socks with it, but I didn't feel like knitting anything else with such a variegated yarn. I will make sure to wear them mostly around the house and in slippers, since they will be extra cozy, and to "preserve" them somewhat, from heavy wear.
  • I just cast on a Kerti Sweater, using one of the sweater's quantities that my family gave me for my birthday. After doing some swatching, I decided the blue that I originally planned to use as a contrast color wasn't high enough contrast, so I ordered a pale yellow of the Good Wool. After a few false starts, since I had issues getting gauge (and do any other experienced knitters feel nervous when casting on a big project?), I think I'm getting into a better rhythm with those long rows of colorwork at a smaller gauge.

Knitting, general thoughts & plans

Both of my projects will keep me rather occupied for awhile, since the sweater is knit in sport-weight yarn and the socks are a side project. That said, I would love to knit a Sophie scarf for myself in something neutral, for spring, and cast on some brighter socks.

I also spent some time knitting alongside friends in the last several weeks! What joy there is in sharing crafts together.

Sewing and fabric crafts, finished

I've done a little bit of sewing since my last check-in. Cooper loves when I sew because he's fascinated by the mechanics of the sewing machine (of course!) and he loves to play in the basement while I sew. And Finn is just happy to be with us. I sewed a zippered pouch with some Robert Kaufman cotton/linen in a subtle beige stripe. I bought it recently at Hobby Lobby with no specific plans, since I love the fabric content and I find that small stripes are very neutral. I followed this tutorial for cutting my fabric panels, and for the boxed bottoms, and used this tutorial for a neater finish on the zipper, as well as general bag construction (apart from the boxed bottoms). I love the finish with the fabric tabs inset at either end of the zipper.

On a whim, after seeing some fabric stars, I made two following this tutorial on YouTube. I will say, if you use spray starch, be sure to use it in a well ventilated space. Gosh, that stuff is strong, and toxic, I'm sure. Apart from that, they were fun and easy to make!

Looking ahead, I want to find a good place where I can have the Orchards Dress pattern (more versions here) printed so I can avoiding printing out a million pages and taping them together. I'm open to suggestions! But I think it's time I try a garment project again soon, and I already have the fabric I'd like to use (a blue cotton/linen blend).

Until next time, happy making!


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