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Favorites of fall

Despite my writing in the previous post that fall felt like it passed the baton to winter, we've actually had some rather warm and sunny weather here. Trying to enjoy the ease of outdoor time without winter layers, just yet!

Weather aside, here are some little "favorite things" from life, as of late:

Listening to a lot of Zach Winters, a soothing jazzy playlist (a family favorite), and Marriane Beaulieu. Sprinkling in a little Christmas music, too.

Knitting on a pair of DK-weight socks that just looks quintessentially November to my eyes.

Jumping in leaves and scootering to the park down the road and meeting friends at the park in the afternoon to squeeze some outdoor time in before it gets dark (so early these days)

A flurry of organizing and paring down, all around the house. And it feels so good!

Lots of firsts with Finny– him reaching up to hold my hand on a walk, and when he handed me five acorn treasures he found on a walk, for me to hold them

Wearing my favorite wool slippers (a Christmas gift from Nicholas last year) again, as the temperatures dip down in the mornings and evenings. I recently added wool inserts to make them a little warmer and for a more snug fit.

Making my homemade granola recipe to have on hand, almost all the time. These days, I typically omit the chia seeds, swap in puffed rice for the puffed millet, and use avocado oil. So tasty with raw milk from the farm store.

Cooper has been loving markers and colored pencils and making me all kinds of drawings that he is proud of. Our fridge looks extra nice these days.

At the very least, I like having lists like these to look back at, to remember little bright spots of our life during a set period of time in our life. So much sweetness in life, if we stop to notice.

What are your favorite things this fall?


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