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Savoring a brief fall

In some very real ways, autumn felt like it lasted for only a few weeks. September was a very warm month–hot even–and then our temperatures quickly dipped from the seventies to the low fifties and forties. I love this time of year, so I savored any adventure we had amongst the fall color.

I took the boys on one of our favorite local trails, that we've creatively dubbed "The hiking trail," and it's one of my favorites year-round. We went on a late afternoon in October, when the leaves were just beginning to turn.

The boys ran all over the trail, looking for treasures and bright leaves, chasing each other, and peering over the bridge to the water below.

And speaking to last year's goal of squeezing in as much fall exploration in our area as possible – we revisited one of our very favorite parks to visit in the fall, with friends. The drive itself is so beautiful, especially this time of year.

When we got there, after some time playing on the playground, the kids scootered or walked. This particular trail dead-ends in the most beautiful spot in the woods, so the kids played in the mud and built houses out of sticks, while the mamas had a minute to chat and enjoy God's creation. What a marvel! Surrounded by golden trees and the slow-falling confetti of autumn.

Thank you, God, for the beauty of fall!


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